The world is changing; so is advertising. The traditional ‘one size fits all’ advertising has made way for the more reliable and targeted social media advertising. Instagram and Facebook are the two most popular social networks leading the pack.

In terms of the number of total users, Facebook surpasses Instagram by a sizeable margin. However, if you want your business to reach the right audience, Instagram can be your best bet.

Recent reports suggest that Instagram images generate 23% more response from viewers than Facebook ads. Brands that are present on both platforms observe that engagement rates on Instagram are 10X higher than on Facebook. And, Instagram videos generate 38% more views than images on the platform.

As an eCommerce business, your advertisements deserve the best audience. Read on to explore how Instagram Video Ads can give a new dimension to your online ads and how a video ad maker can help you to create eye-catching videos.

What are the Various Formats of Instagram Video Ads?

Each Video Ad format on Instagram serves a different purpose.

1. In-Feed Ads

Instagram users visit their news feeds to get the idea of what is happening around the world. As an eCommerce business, you may position your video ads in the news feed. This way, whenever users scroll down, they will see your ads.

Always remember that a video ad should naturally blend into the news feed without being over-promotional.

2. Stories Ad

Stories Ads have a limited screen-life. Each video ad can be of 60 seconds and stays for a full 24 hours, after which it disappears.

The short duration of a story ad makes it an excellent choice for limited-time promotions and campaigns. Generally, businesses include a ‘Call-to-Action’ tab at the end to motivate the viewer to visit the official website.

3. Canvas Ads

A canvas ad provides a website-like interface within the Instagram app. Canvas video ads are fast and multi-layered, which make it attractive and easy to scan through.

Most eCommerce brands choose canvas ads because of its multi-layered structure. A Canvas ad makes it easy to create a product catalog by putting one item beneath the other and increase the viewers’ interest. There is always the ‘click’ button to guide viewers to the eCommerce website.

4. Instagram TV

Instagram TV, or IGTV, is the latest addition to its various ad methods. IGTV makes it possible for eCommerce businesses to publish hour-long vertical videos.

This format is apt if you want to engage the audience with tutorial and informative documentary-type videos. Check the two most popular IGTV channels, Food Network and Netflix, to find the traits that are common to all fascinating videos.

How to Create the Best Videos

You may use a video maker for ecommerce to create attractive video ads in two ways – video ads and picture slideshow ads.

Tips to Create a Video Ad

Creating a high-quality and revenue-generating video is nothing less than an art.

To create a video ad, you need to follow four simple steps:

  1. Create a free account
  2. Upload videos from your library or choose from existing templates and stock footages.
  3. Edit the videos by adding effects, transition, and other text effects
  4. Save, download, or share the video on Instagram.

Tips to Create a Slideshow With Music

A slideshow with music is one of the best methods for an eCommerce business to reach its customers. To create the best slideshow videos all by yourself, you have to keep in mind multiple things like design, templates, animation, timing, theme, structure, and whatnot.

Or, there is an easy way out.

Creating a picture or video slideshow with music is extremely easy with a free video editing website like Lumen5.

The steps you need to follow to create a slideshow with music are:

1. Create a free account

2. Upload text files, videos, or pictures from your library

3. Add and crop an audio track and hit the ‘Create’ button

4. Save, download, or share the video on Instagram

As you can see, crafting an eye-catching video is as simple as 1-2-3. But, even after cracking your brain and working on the best video editing app, you may still not draw as many visitors as you desire. Keep the following tips in mind to increase your visitor count.

Tips to Catch Digital Customers

1. Tell Stories

All big businesses, who have made it big on Instagram, have one thing in common. They tell stories.

Users get instantly drawn to stories. Ecommerce businesses can use this opportunity to get loyal patronage.

Create video stories that appeal to the lifestyle of your target audience. Give a valuable takeaway to the audience, and you will get loyalty in return.

2. Add some shock value.

The majority of Instagram users are young and dynamic. They value time more than anything else. Make the first 5 seconds count to retain your viewers.

Show some stunning images or action that is likely to give a shock to your viewers, in the first few seconds. This technique will prompt your viewers to go until the end to discover the truth.

3. Tell the Truth

Many eCommerce businesses weave and sell dreams. A few others only tell the truth.

If yours is an eCommerce business that wants to retain its customers, try mixing dreams with truth and present it attractively. Viewers love to see real people and real things. Exploit it liberally to create thought-provoking video ads.

4. Do Not Wait to Put Forward Your Brand USP

Almost all big eCommerce businesses introduce their brand within the first 5 seconds of IG video ads. Users like brands that appeal to their tastes. Your USP and brand name will create an impression in the minds of the viewers.

5. Solve Problems

Viewers like stuff that offers them some solution to a problem. After following steps 1 to 4, identify a pain point of the user and market your eCommerce brand as one that can best alleviate the pain.

The Parting Words

Now that you have created the perfect Instagram video ad, it is time to monitor Instagram analytics for a quick-check on engagement data. Find out what resonates with the viewers, and what does not.

Instagram video ads are more dynamic and lively than traditional TV or print advertising. As user preferences change, so must your advertising strategy. Keep your budget low; you can change the video ads as many times as need be.