The Last of Us Part 2 Has an Easter egg after completing Grounded and Permadeath difficulties

Mild Spoiler Warning

While the Easter egg is not a major story spoiler, we recommend completing The Last of Us Part II at least once before reading further.

Naughty Dog released Grounded and Permadeath modes a few weeks ago in a free update. those who dare try the new difficulty levels and finish The Last of Us Part 2 is treated with a special reward. appearing during the end credits, where Joel is heard singing the full version of his “Future Days” rendition.

Twitter user BeingHuman1993 managed to catch the moment in a PS4 Share clip.
here it is below.

This full version of Joel’s Pearl Jam cover is super special because of its in-game significance. Joel’s first song that he played for Ellie is “Future Days”, shown by the first new scene The Last of Us Part II’s prologue. He evidently taught her to play it as well.

There some instances throughout Ellie’s journey in The Last of Us Part 2 where she will stop and play it herself. on the whole, “Future Days” is a thematic thread, one carefully placed into the experience when the time is right.

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