The Pathless Gets New Launch Trailer

The release of the highly-anticipated PlayStation 5 is finally upon us, and excited fans will finally be able to experience the capabilities of Sony’s next-gen console for themselves. Asides from the general excitement surrounding the console’s release, fans have also been looking forward to the launch titles.

One of the launch titles that the community has been buzzing about is The Pathless, which is set to release as soon as the PS5 gets launched. If you’re planning to purchase a PS5 for yourself, then you should definitely check this game out.

That being said, those who are more than content with their current-gen console will still be able to experience this game, as The Pathless will also be released on the PlayStation 4.

In The Pathless, you play as the Hunter — a talented warrior that fights off dark and evil spirits that have corrupted the world and all its beauty. With the Hunter’s bow and arrow, however, the dark creatures won’t stand a chance.


Fortunately, you don’t have to battle the corruption all on your own, as you will have your very own eagle in-game to accompany you on your journey. As you progress through the game, you and your eagle will forge an unbreakable bond that will surely come in handy no matter what obstacle comes your way.

Plus, players always have a soft spot for video games that have pet companions, as it almost always makes singleplayer adventures a little less lonely. The eagle that accompanies the Hunter in The Pathless definitely looks like a majestic and helpful companion to have during times of need.

On a more visual level, it’s safe to say that The Pathless looks amazing. The expansive forest areas look like it could go on forever, while the game’s colors look vibrant and crisp.

The mist-covered woods are full of secrets — how far are you willing to go to discover all there is to find? With a little bit of effort, you will find all the answers to your questions. However, you need to be careful and remain vigilant, as the corrupted spirits are always skulking in corners, waiting for a chance to strike.

To amp up the excitement a little bit, a launch trailer has been recently released for the title.

The trailer may be short, clocking in at less than two minutes, but it does a good job at showcasing The Pathless and setting the players’ expectations for the game. The title has been advertised to be fast-paced, and the trailer really highlights this fact.

For instance, there’s a scene wherein the Hunter shoots at floating symbols in order to pick up speed while running on the ground. In addition to that, it appears that it’s possible to fly through the air with the help of your trusted eagle companion.

The launch trailer also gives us a sneak peek of The Pathless’ villain who is known as Godslayer. Even though The Pathless, if compared to other upcoming titles, isn’t as highly-anticipated, it’s definitely one of the PS5’s biggest underdogs and we can’t wait to play it.

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