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Rules are the backbone of any game, whether online or live. Players need to follow these guidelines to ensure fair play so that everyone can strategize, adapt, and earn bonuses equitably. It also spares you heated arguments and unwarranted threats from other participants.

SBOBET, Asia’s leading sports betting platform in the Philippines, has a website where you can play over 300 games, complete with rulebooks and other guides. The bookmakers let you bet on a variety of sports events year-round, whether it is betting on your favorite teams or trying your luck with racehorses.

If you plan to bet, you must learn the basics. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to place winning wagers correctly on SBOBET.

10 Different Betting Variations for Online Sportsbooks

Asian Handicap

In this type of betting scheme, the bookmakers must place a handicap on both teams right before the game begins. It sets a deficit on the team deemed likely to win and gives the side that has a low chance of victory a head start.

It’s called an “Asian” handicap because the system originated in Indonesia.

SBOBET has stood as EGR’s Asian Operator of the Year for two consecutive years for its Asian Handicap betting services.

1×2 Betting Selections

There are three types of winnings you could choose in this type of betting option: a home win, a draw, and an away win.

Under this rule, the players must settle on one type of win as they await the results. 1×2 Betting is popular in football games, but you may also find it in other sports, like cricket and rugby.

Even and Odd

The straightforward rule allows players to settle the bets based on the total points from one or more successes. It interprets a bet’s result as even or odd numbers, with 0-1 being an “odd” number and 1-1 known as “even.”

SBOBET favours this betting system for team sports, like soccer.

Correct Score – Full-Time and First Half

The lottery stands to predict the outcome or the score in the middle of the match (after the first half) or at the end when it’s a full-time game. It typically applies to games with at least two phases (like basketball or ice hockey).

Next Goal

The betting variant lets a player guess which team will score the next goal during the game. Some bettors prefer this stance for its flexibility, and you can refund your bet only after the match concludes.

Mix Parlay

Mix Parlay is where bookmakers blend the results from different matches. For a Mix Parlay bet to qualify, the result must not impact the other games’ outcomes. If it does, the bookmaker forfeits the bet.

Mix Parlays are also known as “combo bets.”

Double Chance

Similar to Mix Parlays, Double Chance allows a player to bet on two sports events at once. The rule also borrows from the concept of 1×2 Betting, where a player can win even when only one of the two bets is victorious.

Money Line

You don’t have to be an SBOBET veteran to place a Money Line bet; it’s straightforward. Choose your desired team, and if it wins, the bookmakers will pay you.

If the team loses, the sportsbook takes your wager, and for a draw, you receive your original bet.

Full and Halftime

Under this betting scheme, a player wagers on either the entire game or up to halftime. If the match ends abruptly or goes into overtime, the bookmakers will disqualify your bet and issue a refund.

Starting First

The bread and butter of most punters is a “starting first” bet. The scheme is simple: place your wager before a game starts, anticipating which team will succeed first or has a better chance of winning the toss.

These are the basic rules when it comes to sports betting on online gambling websites. If you are new to it or want to get the hang of playing and placing bets online, familiarise yourself with the types of bets you can wager and decide how you want to win.

Why You Should Bet Online

Betting online is a way to keep yourself entertained in the comfort of your home. While the ambiance of the digital version differs from placing bets in crowded, noisy rooms, the rules of online betting are similar, and you still achieve the same results.


Finding reputable sportsbooks can waste time if you do it in person, and you could also encounter shady bookmakers trying to entice you with false promises. The rise of online gaming has become extremely beneficial for bettors. All it takes is to read a website’s reviews and become familiar with its policies.

Besides the convenience, there aren’t significant differences between online bets and bets made alongside bustling stadiums or tracks. It’s also more manageable keeping track of your money when you bet online.

When your teams aren’t winning, it’s time to take a break from sports betting.

A Vast Selection of Games

SBOBET continues to flourish because of its top-notch services, along with its comprehensive list of sports events. Its bookmakers aim to bring you the classic milieu and excitement of a grand sporting fixture while ensuring you place your bets through the proper channels.

Entrusting your money to secure websites is only the first step to succeeding in online gambling. Another crucial factor is knowing the rules of the game and your role in crafting a victory.

Pro Tips

Take the advice of online experts before you place a bet on any sport. A move that most beginners make is betting on a game that is completely unfamiliar or beyond their understanding. Luck always plays its part in the outcome of a specific match, but it isn’t everything.

You can certainly improve your chances of winning with research and comprehensive knowledge of the game, the players, and the dynamics behind the fixtures.

Most sports events also adhere to specific betting schemes. Low-scoring games, such as basketball and baseball, generally impose simpler rules, such as Starting First and Money Line. SBOBET excels in hosting Asian handicap matches, too.


The road to successful sports betting starts with understanding a game’s rules and knowing how to choose the best type of wager. Use the tips above to make better decisions.