13 Unique Things Players Should Definitely Do In Skyrim

Skyrim manages to astonish us almost six years later. It’s possible to forget or neglect anything while out traveling because there’s so much to see and do. Even after a hundred hours of gaming, whether you’re a completionist, there’s still something in the game you haven’t seen yet.

After all, Skyrim is chock-full of both major and little mysteries. Some are simple and well-known, such as the Minecraft reference at the top of the Throat of the World or the skeleton hanging upside down from the ceiling in Bleakcoast Cave with a glowing blade underneath him, a reference to Star Wars: Episode II. Others, like the lines of ants found on logs and stumps around Skyrim, are a little more delicate and bring vitality to the earth.

It’s Bethesda’s attention to detail that keeps us coming back for more and makes the Dragonborn’s world feel alive and breathing. It’s why we spend so much time looking for the Headless Horseman, particularly after listening to the lyrics of “Ragnar the Red” to figure out who the ghostly rider is.

It’s also why we laugh when Moira the Hagraven says, “My precious.” when the Dragonborn wants to reclaim her wedding ring. Through each replay, we learn amazing new stuff that we never imagined were feasible.

Rob People Blind


NPCs see through their eyes, which should come as no surprise to us. They use these engineered organs to communicate with their surroundings, such as staring at other NPCs indifferently or detecting whether someone is attempting to rob their belongings.

Obstructing an NPC’s line of sight allows you to do all of these activities and more. To steal as much as you can, simply place a bucket, basket, or similarly shaped container on their head. There’s no need to invest in a secret talent.

Play Through A Plot


It might sound strange, but just because there are countless ways to play Skyrim doesn’t mean there’s no point in paying attention to the sections that are the most intricately written. In this respect, two narratives are most worthwhile.

The return of the dragons to Skyrim is one of them. They have been considered to be extinct for a long time, and their reappearance now, in line with an ancient prophecy, may mean the end is near. Only you can figure out exactly what’s going on and why, because you have a bond to the dragons that you’ll only eventually learn.

It’s a lot of fun doing that and seeing where it takes you. The civil war that is currently engulfing the world is another tale worth watching. Who will assume power now that the High King has been assassinated: General Tullius, the Imperial forces’ commander, or Ulfric Stormcloak, the rebel leader willing to break Skyrim’s relations with the Empire for good?

Choose a hand to see what you can do to help get this to a conclusion once and for all. Just keep in mind that your choices have repercussions, which you’ll have to deal with not only when speaking with Tullius and Ulfric, but also when engaging with the common people in Skyrim. Try following any of these tales if you can’t decide which one interests you more: As the game progresses, you’ll be intrigued by how they intertwine.

Meet The Pale Lady


There are a couple of directions to end up with this search in your journal, but none of them are immediately obvious. Outside of Frostmere Cave, there are a few bandits to deal with, but after they’ve settled their differences, you can enter and complete the search.

If Eisa Blackthorn wasn’t killed by the robbers, you can speak to her, check her journal if she’s dead, or pickpocket-read her journal if the mission goes wrong. She’ll then tell you about an artifact in the cave that’s been haunted by a wandering ghost. The Dragonborn has the choice of either burying the spirit or banishing it and stealing the sword.

Obtain A Reusable Soul Gem

Where To Find Soul Gems In Skyrim - uploadsite

Soul gems are useful for recharging enchanted weapons and enchanting objects, but they may be inconvenient to acquire. There seems to be an overabundance of petty soul jewels, which are by far the most irritating. Furthermore, if a soul gem is used, it is lost forever, requiring players to scour Skyrim for more.

That is no longer the case! Everything you have to do now is to finish the “Black Star” hunt. Players must send the shattered Azura’s Star to one of two characters to complete the quest: Aranea Ienith at the Shrine of Azura or Nelacar at the Frozen Hearth inn in Winterhold.

The item would serve as a reusable soul gem in any case. However, I suggest bringing the artifact to Nelacar, who will then send you the Black Star, which, unlike Azura’s Star from Ienith, can store some kind of soul.

Farm Infinite Arrows


The Dragonborn will sometimes come across people learning their archery skills as they fly. The developers gave NPCs doing target practice the opportunity to infinitely repeat the arrows in their quiver to preserve game memory and perhaps a few other purposes.

As one would imagine, this results in an unlimited number of arrows being fired at goals that the player can pick up. Simply reverse-pickpocket a single higher-tier arrow, such as the mighty daedric bows, into someone training with a bow for free arrows forever to make the most use of this experience. Simply stand by the goal and gather the items as they appear.

Climb Every Mountain


Skyrim is one of the most visually stunning games we’ve seen in a long time, but the consistency of the design is much more remarkable. The Nords, who compare (not surprisingly) to the Scandinavians in our country, live in this part of Tamriel, and the geography reflects this.

So take your time and really visit the highlands of this incredible area on your journey. When you climb higher, you’ll see some incredible sights among the region’s snow-capped hills, but you’ll have to contend with some terrifying creatures along the way.

Make the famed pilgrimage of the Seven Thousand Steps to High Hrothgar if you’re looking for the most mystical experience. You might be shocked by how much about yourself you discover along the way. When you reach the summit, stay a while to observe the Greybeards’ silent order: They are said to know a lot more about what’s going on than their reclusive nature would say. Do you want to be even more daring? If you’ve landed, head to the Throat of the Earth, Skyrim’s tallest point, and climb all the way to the top. If you’re able to.

Explore The Abandoned Prison


The Abandoned Prison is one of the most fascinating sites to visit in Skyrim’s desolate landscape. It can be found in Eastmarch’s keep, just to the northwest of Fort Amol. When the Dragonborn tries to visit The Abandoned Dungeon, they’ll soon learn that all of the characters who were caught in the prison by a storm met a tragic death.

As if the storm wasn’t enough to put the people protecting the prison in danger, it was also found that the prisoners were plotting to overthrow their wardens. Aside from the intriguing plot, there are a few intriguing books inside the jail.

Throw Spiders At Enemies

Dragonborn]Isn't it enough that I have arachnophobia? (Warning: Spiders) :  skyrim

Who wouldn’t want to throw spiders at their foes? This, not web-slinging, should be Peter Parker’s true strength. Skyrim not only lets you throw spiders, but it also lets you make them. “But how?” you may wonder. It’s straightforward. After clearing White Ridge Barrow in Solstheim, players can come across the Imbuing Chamber, a crafting station where they can make spider scrolls.

This approach can be used to render a wide range of spiders, including ones that explode on contact and those that have the power to manipulate the minds of their opponents. Players can summon up to six spiders at once, depending on the consistency of the gem used to make these live hand grenades.

Now go forth and use arachnophobia to defeat your enemies!

Breathe Underwater


Waterbreathing is an adept-level Modification spell that helps players to remain underwater for longer periods of time. Argonians, on the other hand, have this as a racial ability. That is, they can breathe underwater automatically from the start of the game.

When you’re close to rivers, streams, or the shore, this is a highly exploitable talent. Since most land rivals are unable to dive or attack effectively in water, hit-and-run attacks against stronger opponents can be used with relative impunity. If you’re a low-level archer or magic addict, this is an excellent technique.

Find All The Guardian Stones


One of the most appealing aspects of Skyrim is that it does not want to force you into a certain character type. You don’t have to choose whether you want to be a hero, a sorcerer, or a thief; your choices will decide how far you advance in the game.

But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of seeing any assistance along the way. You’ll find three Guardian Stones within the first few minutes of playing Skyrim: ancient objects that improve your ability to learn new skills.

However, there are ten additional stones spread around Skyrim that grant additional skills, such as quicker Magicka regeneration after you’ve depleted it by casting too many spells or a vastly improved carrying power. Only one Guardian Stone may be operational at a time, so if you know where all the stones are, you’ll still have the right enhancement when you need it. So start looking!

Visit Rorikstead


Near Whiterun, there’s a little village where almost everyone who’s played Skyrim has spent some time. Rorikstead, originally known as Rorik’s Steading in the First Century, is a small farming settlement with a blacksmith and everything else needed to sustain a whole village’s worth of inhabitants.

One of the most common tasks for Dragonborn in Rorikstead is to finish the journey A Night To Remember, in which the Dragonborn spends a Hangover-like night with a mate, which they must then investigate.

It was a night when they robbed a donkey. You could also persuade a man’s family that he should pursue a career as an adventurer. However, in more fascinating news, everybody in town has soul gems and Daedra books, and they talk about “their secret.” If you look closely enough, you’ll see that they’re all Daedra worshippers!

Get Drunk With A Daedric Prince


When you pass level 14, a Breton mage called Sam Guevenne challenges you to a drinking game in a tavern. He claims that if you win the drinking game, he will reward you with a staff. Of course, in Skyrim, absolutely nothing is as it looks, and Sam Guevenne is no different. The Dragonborn passes out after three beers, and what follows is a search for answers that rivals that of The Hangover.

When searching for Sam, the Dragonborn discovers that they desecrated a shrine, stole a goat and sold it to a giant, and were on the verge of marrying. Since finding a gateway to Misty Grove, Sam is eventually discovered in Morvunskar, where he discovers that he is the Daedric Prince Sanguine.

Regrettably, no one would believe you hung out with a Daedric Prince.

Make Auroras Appear


On a rainy or snowy day, the Blue Sky yell comes in handy anytime you need to see your enemies plainly. And if you don’t have any rivals, you might be the sort who loves soaking up the heat. There’s no shame in wishing for some sunshine, particularly because you spend too much time outside on your travels.

However, you could not have considered undertaking this one-of-a-kind scream into the night sky. Clear Nights will clear the clouds from the sky at night, exposing a fascinating view of auroras across the night sky canvas. The aurora does not have any physical benefits to the Dragonborn, but they do make the open landscapes more bearable and majestic than they were before.

After all, a little eye candy never hurts.

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