The Last Of Us 2 Will Support PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller’s Haptic Feedback

The PlayStation 5 releases today in the United States and while excited fans wait for their consoles to arrive, startling updates have been appearing regarding its critically acclaimed DualSense controller. It appears The Last of Us Part 2, a game launched on the PlayStation 4 with no official PlayStation 5 updates revealed as of writing, is already utilizing the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback technology to improve its gameplay on Sony’s next-gen machine. Naughty Dog’s’ sequel to the well-praised The Last of Us game came out a few months ago on the PlayStation 4 and was a massive financial success for the Sony-owned gaming studio.

Shockingly, the sun set last September 26 – a day that Naughty Dog commemorates annually because of its relation to the game’s lore – without any statements on whether the sequel would be enhanced for the PlayStation 5. However, Naughty Dog’s Vice President Neil Druckmann did give fans a puzzling message suggesting that there will be more details coming in the future, which many guessed might be a reference to its multiplayer mode.


Though there are still no official announcements that The Last of Us Part 2 is being optimized for the PlayStation 5, reports from various gaming websites explains how the game is utilizing next-gen technology to its advantage.

While running the game in backward compatibility mode on the PlayStation 5, players noticed how the DualSense controller is enhancing the game’s gameplay experience. The bow is one of the most used examples to depict the method haptic feedback would work, so it comes as no surprise that this weapon in The Last of Us Part 2 feels a bit unique when utilizing it using the DualSense controller.

Reports mention the notable tension the player will be able to feel in the DualSense triggers while pulling back the bow in preparation for a shot. However, the bow is not the only thing that feels different.


It appears that shooting other weapons in The Last of Us Part 2 results in a fulfilling react and even driving a motorboat causes the next-gen controller to rumble just like the boat’s engine. The DualSense also receives praise for the way it alerts players that they have hit an obstacle as well as how it changes its light effects to match particular elements of the game. In addition, God of War receives a quick mention of the effect of the Leviathan ax returning to Kratos’ hands and the way the controller moves when he opens his shield.

With the PlayStation 5 already on its way into the hands of fans, it is interesting to still be receiving unforeseen updates, especially about such a high-quality game like The Last of Us Part 2. The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller could have been the upcoming generation’s latest gimmick, but it appears to add real substance to the gameplay. Developers and reviewers have been singing praises to the DualSense controller and fans will soon get their turn to witness what the PlayStation 5’s controller brings to the table.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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