Top Screensaver Apps For Android and iOS 2021

There are numerous ways to personalize a phone. You can choose between a stunningly beautiful wallpaper and an informative screensaver. It will fine-tune the connection with your phone to a high level. Wallpapers that reflect one’s nature and personality. Some people don’t use wallpaper at all and leave the screen blank, while others install seascape and natural beauty pictures and screensavers on their devices.

Developers have created a plethora of screensaver applications that allow users to sync their phone’s screen with their mood. These images change on a regular basis and include a plethora of features such as live wallpapers motion, various themes, syncing with the device function, and information to display notifications, battery status, and time on the screen.

Some of them also include videos that can be set as a screensaver or wallpaper, so that whenever you look at your phone or check it, your favorite moment will play on the screen in a loop. Various applications are free and provide features such as HD quality, quick download and setting the image directly from the app, editing features, photo gallery access, and so on.



XScreenSaver is a unique screensaver app that is only available for iOS devices and contains unique screensavers such as old-school images. It is more of a game application than a screensaver application. This application includes vintage Linux screensavers such as abstract art wallpapers, various machinery, art wallpaper, and much more.

This app’s interface is designed to meet the needs of the user and to guide the user in an easy manner. The GUI structure creates a clever background frame that is appealing to the user. XScreenSaver is a one-of-a-kind app in its category, with ads and in-app purchases to unlock more wallpapers and screensavers.



iQuarium is a cross-platform screensaver app that offers a variety of wallpaper and images for your smartphone. It has been around for a long time and is one of the most popular Mac apps. This application only contains various aspects of a lovely aquarium and magnificent sea creatures.

The app’s library consists of four long different videos that run in full screen to provide users with a peaceful and calming environment. This application’s interface is beautifully designed and has a user-friendly structure with a great layout. iQuarium includes many features such as high-quality videos, screensavers, various sounds such as waves, and many more.

The application also includes a sleep timer. The only disadvantage of this application is that it is not free; it costs around $2.



Kappboom is a beautiful cross-platform application with a large library of thousands of wallpaper images from various categories. It is a screensaver application that transforms your phone into a more personal device by allowing you to select from a variety of animation characters, abstract art, pictures, and other categories.

The application’s interface is simple to use and provides a pleasant user experience. You can also save photos as favorites in the tool. The app’s features include high wallpapers, a search engine, simple navigation, selecting images from the gallery, changing pictures, and creating colleges in swan. Kappboom is a free tool with no in-app purchases or advertisements.



Walli is an application that consists of various animated and abstract art wallpaper combinations that transform your phone into a more personal device. It is only available for Android platforms and includes features that allow the user to interact with it while also providing full-scale readability and understanding.

It has HD resolution wallpapers that can be set on the device based on the user’s preferences. Walli includes simple layout categories for use in various wallpapers, backgrounds, fantasy themes, and so on.

This application’s main features include various types of pictures, recently uploaded images, popular images, recommendations based on user demand, and secure browsing. Walli also downloads and saves photos directly to your phone.

The app is free, but it contains advertisements. An in-app purchase of about $2.50 gives you access to additional features and removes the advertisements.

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