Travis Scott Designed PlayStation 5 Currently In The Works

Travis Scott has recently become an unorthodox brand ambassador for advertising companies such as Epic Games and Mcdonalds, and a recent collaboration with Sony might have resulted in a special edition PlayStation 5 designed by the rapper himself. Travis Scott is popular for his “go big or go home” personality, which appears to be working out great for him when it comes to his huge brand deals in the past years.

VIP rapper Travis Scott and other popular media brands are apparently separable today. Not because of chart-topping songs or any scandals, but due to the reoccurring utilization of his image to advertise some of the most dominant brands in the world.

During the beginning of 2020, the rapper was featured in one of the biggest online events in the history of video games when he held a live virtual concert in Fortnite. Leading up to the concert, players were able to purchase Travis Scott as playable character skin, and during the event, a colossal avatar of the rapper performed a few of his popular songs. A few months later, Travis Scott announced his partnership with McDonald’s, which featured his own meal, a very costly Travis Scott action figure, and a few funny “Cactus Jack sent you” memes.


Shortly after his collaboration with McDonald’s, the in-demand rapper posted an image of the PlayStation 5’s Dualsense Controller on his Instagram account with a caption that led many to believe that he had already received his own PlayStation 5 console.

The reason for the photo op may have been disclosed, as it has been confirmed that Travis Scott is Sony’s new strategic creative partner. What Sony plans to produce with Travis Scott is still unknown, but reports from reputable news sites claim that their deal might involve an exclusively designed PlayStation 5 console and probably even a video game designed by the world-famous rapper.

His partnership with Sony is foreseen to earn him $20 million or more, and an anonymous source revealed that “it’s a multiyear deal that could involve a cobranded console and perhaps even a game designed by Scott.”


It’s a known fact that Travis Scott is a gamer, at least to some extent. From playing Fortnite with Drake and Ninja back in 2018 to performing in his own Fortnite event this year, Travis Scott is surely using video games to widen his relevance and impact in pop culture.

While a Travis Scott designed PlayStation 5 could easily be branded by one of his albums arts or logos, it would be exciting to see what kind of game the rapper would make. His artistry with album concepts and the innovation of Astroworld proves that the rapper has everything it takes to make a truly one of a kind interactive experience.

Although this rumor is still unverified and groundless as of writing, it wouldn’t be too impossible to anticipate an exclusive Travis Scott console. However, a whole game designed by a rapper appears a little less probable.


Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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