The “Sword Art Online” anime is currently gearing up to return for the next major step in its epic, long franchise; and a cosplayer is now making rounds and trending online as she dresses up as one of the most remarkable characters in “Sword Art Online,” Sinon. 

That cosplayer is @seracross, who posted her photo wearing the costume of Sinon, together with her weapon, on Instagram. 

Sinon is one of the characters in “Sword Art Online.” Her full name is actually Shino Asada, and she uses her avatar name, Sinon, in the Gun Gale Online and Alfheim Online video games in which the series is set.

As of the time of writing, the Instagram post has already garnered more than 24,000 likes and has been receiving praises in the comments section.

For instance, netizen @juliocezarac commented, “Wow!! Great Woman in SAO!!!! One of the best!!! Just like you as a Cosplayer is one of the best in the world!!! (heart emojis)”

Meanwhile, Instagram netizen @kingsman.joshua said he cannot wait for the character @seracross is going to portray next, saying, “Congratulations on so many followers (emojis) all your cosplays and hard work really shows and all the characters you have chosen to do have been done so well and you’ve brought them to life (emoji)”

Another netizen, @5c52565857, said her cosplay of Sinon is “very beautiful.” 

This original light novel series by Reki Kawahara has grown to a massive new level since it kicked off several years ago. Its anime adaptation, in fact, is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. And over that time, anime fans have been introduced to all sorts of unforgettable characters that continue to be portrayed in many places, including this cosplay of Sinon.

Sinon was first introduced to “Sword Art Online” during the series’ second season as Kirito was introduced to a new world of Gun Gale Online. Ever since, she has been a critical player in each of the releases, and it is expected that Sinon will play an even more significant role in the franchise’s future.

Meanwhile, for the latest updates about the anime, “Sword Art Online” is moving toward some big plans in the future. Following the release of Sword Art Online -Progressive- Scherzo of Deep Night through Japan last year and worldwide this year, “Sword Art Online” is presently working on a brand new movie that will feature a completely original story not yet read in the light novel releases and not yet witnessed even in its spin-offs. However, no details about this film’s release date have been revealed yet.

If you are curious how  Sword Art Online -Progressive- Scherzo of Deep Night turned out, you can check out this review by Here’s an excerpt of that review, “The film’s best moments come through with high production value as well, which has been a staple of the franchise for quite a while. Without getting too spoiler-y for the boss battle at the center of the film, it’s dynamically presented with a kind of fun that Sword Art Online used to offer in its fights. Everything is still very much life or death stakes which is ultimately refreshing because it hasn’t been like that for the anime in a long time.”

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