Planning to have a new color for your nails? Snapchat will now let you try some before you purchase a bottle of new nail polish.

That is right: Snapchat filters are no longer limited to your face. The app also now has an AR filter for your fingernails, allowing you to test specific colors on your nails before you actually paint them. Even more, it also offers other designs aside from plain shades.

The filter is the fruit of Snap’s partnership with OPI, an American nail polish manufacturer headquartered in Calabasas, California. However, this is not the first time Snap made a partnership with a business in order to boost its ad business. The company also made some filters that will let you try on other accessories and even clothes. Alongside those filters are shopping options that will help Snap’s partner company to push their products. Interestingly, this new nail filter doesn’t include one. That means you will still have to get the nail polish from other places. 

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