Try Out Star Citizen’s Best Ships for Free

Star Citizen is an in-development trading and combat simulator set in space. It’s such a highly-anticipated game that it currently raised over $313 million for its crowdfunding campaign.

That being said, the game will be hosting another “Free Fly” event for the next two weeks, which will give prospective pilots a chance to try out some of the game’s best ships for free.

For context, Star Citizen hosts a contest called the Ship Showdown every year. In this event, it asks the community to vote on what they think the best ship is in the Star Citizen universe. The Free Fly event takes place in the second phase of the competition.

For those who want to test out the game for free, you can try out the top 16 of the best ships as chosen by the community during the Ship Showdown.


If you’re impressed with what Star Citizen has to offer and you want to commit to playing the game, you will also have the chance to purchase the starter ship packs at discounted prices.

Here are the steps if you are interested in this event:

Simply visit the Ship Showdown 2950 Free Fly website, which will prompt you to either create a new account or sign in. After doing so, you will be able to apply the game’s promotion code, which will give you access to all 16 Showdown ships as long as the event is ongoing.

Star Citizen’s Free Fly period is open to all new players and will run from 16:00 UTC on September 9th through 23:59 UTC on September 23rd. For more information, the full details are available here.

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