Valkyrae Considered To Be Fastest-Growing Video Game Streamer Worldwide

Since the summer of this year, Among Us hasn’t stopped increasing in popularity. The social deduction game has been so well-received recently that video game streamers who play it receive an incredible boost as well.

One such streamer is Rachell Hofstetter, otherwise known as Valkyrae by her friends and supporters online. She was able to use Among Us as an avenue to increase the popularity of her platform, so much so that she is currently considered to be the fastest-growing streamer in the world.

Since the sudden emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, most individuals have been staying at home and quarantining. As such, livestreaming and video games have become the go-to form of relaxation for many. As a matter of fact, video game sales have even increased along with playing numbers.


Staying away from people can become emotionally and mentally draining; that’s one of the reasons why social games like Among Us are a huge hit during this time because it allows players to chat and have fun with friends or strangers.

That being said, there are those who prefer to watch others play Among Us instead of participating in the game themselves. As such, countless content creators have been streaming the title in order to cater to their fans’ interests, and it seems that the up-and-rising Valkyrae is one of the most popular when it comes to Among Us streams.

Valkyrae was already pretty well-known even before she started playing the indie game, as she was already a member of 100 Thieves. However, after joining the Among Us craze, her viewer count began to rise with no indication of stopping.

Recently, the streamer shared her statistics on Twitter showcasing just how much her page has grown over the last few months, and it’s honestly so incredible. At the beginning of the year, Valkyrae only had more or less 330,000 monthly live views.

However, this number increased to more than 11 million some time in September and October. Her peak concurrent viewers also experienced a huge jump – from 3,000 to nearly 67,000.

Even though her viewer count isn’t as high as other popular streamers such as Shroud, what’s worth noting here is the fact that her numbers had an impressive increase out of nowhere.


Valkyrae has only started streaming on her YouTube channel not that far back, which is why YouTube’s Head of Gaming, Ryan Wyatt, proclaimed that she’s currently the “fastest growing live streamer in the world.”

In addition to that, he also stated that Valkyrae is the “biggest female gaming streamer in the world” right now.

This may seem like he’s being hyperbolic, but given the fact that Wyatt is more than familiar with statistics revolving around video game streamers since that’s literally his job, we trust his judgment on this one.

That being said, the success of Among Us has caused other similar titles to become more well-known as well, some examples being Unfortunate Spacemen and Enemy on Board. As such, we don’t expect this social murder-mystery trend to end any time soon.

This is great news for streamers like Valkyrae, as they will be able to keep doing what they love while their follower and viewer count increases at the same time.

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