Valorant’s Brimstone Confirmed To Receive Buffs Soon

When Riot Games’ Valorant was first released, the Agent known as Brimstone was probably one of the most-played characters. This is not altogether surprising given the fact that the game only has three Agents available in the Controller category and he’s one of them. The other two Agents are Omen and Viper, and Brimstone was easily above both of them—especially during the game’s early beta days—because of his Orbital Strike Ultimate and how he was generally easy to learn and control.

As time went on, however, and more and more players experimented with the different characters, fans began to realize that Omen was not only better, but was capable of more. In addition to that, Riot Games nerfed Brimstone a few times as well. As such, his playtime saw a significant decline.

That being said, many players think that the new “Omen meta” is a mere substitute of the “Sage meta” that had to come to an end when the character got nerfed by the developer. This is why many Brimstone users are hoping that Riot Games will bring him back to the competitive scene and rival against Omen. This wouldn’t be a bad idea too, as doing so would add character variety.


Now, one of these Brimstone fans took to Reddit to voice out their thoughts regarding this matter. The fan, who goes by “abzoluut” on the social media platform, posted on the Valorant subreddit saying that Brimstone needs to be buffed—and one of Riot Games’ developers replied.

The Riot Games developer, who goes by “Altombre” on Reddit, spoke on behalf of the studio by saying they agree that Brimstone should be given at least a few buffs. What makes this interaction even better is that Altombre confirmed that Brimstone will receive buffs “very soon.”

Unfortunately, the developer didn’t share when these buffs will go live and what kind of buffs they’re going to be. However, we can make a couple of educated guesses about the former. Well, for one thing, Valorant Episode 2 is scheduled to launch soon on January 12, so that could be a great chance to implement these adjustments.

Abzoluut’s post included a list of possible changes Riot Games could incorporate into Valorant so that Brimstone will once again be an operable Agent. While we don’t know what the developer has in mind, perhaps it will also consider the fans’ suggestions.

We highly doubt that Riot Games will follow the suggestions exactly, but the post highlighted Brimstone’s smoke abilities, and that’s basically the points Altombre agreed with. As such, we speculate that Valorant Episode 2’s patch notes will probably feature refinements for Brimstone’s smoke abilities.

Overall, a character receiving buffs will always be a welcome change in any video game, especially when it’s geared towards a character that doesn’t perform as well as it could. Valorant’s upcoming Agent 14, which was recently leaked online, doesn’t have the same role as Brimstone as well, which means that Omen still remains his competition.

That being said, perhaps Riot Games will sprinkle some love at Viper as well. After all, she’s the only other Controller in Valorant’s slowly increasing roster of playable characters.

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