Valorant Leaker Details Upcoming Episode 2 Battle Pass Tiers and Rewards Ahead of Official Launch Date

There’s only a couple of days left before Riot Games launches Valorant Episode 2, which means that the tactical first-person shooter will be introducing a brand-new Battle Pass as well. For those who can’t wait to know what the upcoming Battle Pass will bring to the table though, its details seem to have already been leaked online.

Russian YouTuber БАЧОК recently shared a video that seemingly showcases everything that Valorant Episode 2 has to offer, including what players can expect from the bonus free and paid Battle Pass. The video was in Russian, but fortunately, Dexerto was able to share a translation of the information.

If the leak is proven to be true, then there’s a myriad of rewards that Valorant players can look forward to. Although it’s best not to get too excited about all this at least until Riot Games publishes an official announcement confirming that the information from the leak is real.

That being said, the first Battle Pass reward according to the leak is a Bulldog Metallic Green Weapon Skin, while the reward after that is a Giraffe Gun Bling.

Seeing as the Phantom is arguably one of the most popular weapons in the game, many fans will undoubtedly wonder how long they’ll have to grind before they get a weapon skin for that from the Battle Pass. Well, the Phantom Metallic Green Weapon Skin can be unlocked after reaching the 45th tier.

Another powerful weapon that many Valorant players enjoy utilizing during a match is the Operator Sniper rifle, although it doesn’t come cheap in the store. Those players will be happy to know that the Episode 2 Battle Pass will also offer a weapon skin for that, which can be unlocked at level 25.

After reaching the 50th level in the Battle Pass, players will be able to acquire the Yellow and Black Knife. The knife is perfect for showboating and for quick stealth kills, so it’s great that Riot Games has allegedly included a weapon skin for that.

The upcoming Battle Pass will also feature fun and silly items such as the Bunny Eating Jam Spray as well as the Chrystal Mountain Dojo Gun Bling.


Given Valorant’s quick rise to the top, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it became one of the most popular titles of 2020, especially within the FPS scene. Its players not only enjoy the fact that it offers competitive fun, but it’s also a great way for friends to get together and have a good time.

There are also game modes for those who just want something more casual. Riot Games introduced the limited-time Snowball Fight mode last month, and while it was only available until December 29, 2020, we’re sure that the developer will add even more casual game modes in the future.

As for those players who don’t want to spend hard-earned money on Valorant’s premium Battle Pass, there are several pieces of bonus content that will be available for free. These include fun items such as the Chinese Decorative Gun Bling, the Classic Metallic Green Weapon Skin, the Triangle Eye Spray, and more. As such, players who want to enjoy Valorant in all its free-to-play glory can also look forward to new content as soon as Episode 2 drops.

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