Valorant New Agent Kay/0 Revealed In Leak

A leak has shown new Valorant agent KAY/0, ahead of the character’s scheduled introduction accompanying the start of the game’s third season, Episode 3, Act I. The arrival of the new agent brings the overall number of heroes in the game to 17. Astra, the final disclosed Valorant agent, was debuted in March with the release of Episode 2, Act II.

Valorant, the free-to-play hero shooter from Riot Games, is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a month-long celebration that includes different in-game activities for players to engage in. The anniversary corresponds with the release of Valorant’s Episode 3, Act I, which marks the start of Year 2 of the game. In addition, Riot has revealed plans to distribute Valorant on mobile devices as part of the celebration.


ValorINTEL appears to have released images of Valorant’s newest agent on Twitter, far ahead of the June 22 premiere of Episode 3, Act I. The newest hero, known as KAY/0 or KAY 0, is expected to be an Initiator agent, joining the only other three characters in the position.

KAY/0’s official wallpaper has been leaked, displaying a humanoid robotic shape that fits the robot/cyborg that Riot revealed only a week earlier during Summer Game Fest 2021. According to earlier reports, KAY/0’s code name was “Grenadier,” implying that they will use explosives like Duelist agent Raze.

One of the leaks depicts a deactivated Killjoy Turret and Alarmbot surrounded by a purple area of effect that matches KAY/0’s lights, leading to speculation that the upcoming Initiator will be able to stop other agents’ abilities.

In a blog post published earlier this month, Riot hinted some details about the next hero, noting that conventional FPS gamers would be acquainted with the new agent’s skills, as well as the fact that they will be “an Agent whose usefulness may generate times where you must rely on your gunplay.”

They also clarified why there was no new agent in Episode 2, Act III, when it was released in April, claiming that the company needed more time to assure the quality of new heroes rather than the number.

Valorant’s newest agent appears to be one of the more intriguing so far, and the hero’s ability to deactivate other Agent’s talents will provide a unique change of pace to the game’s gameplay. Unfortunately, prior leaks regarding new agent skills have been far off the mark, so this may not be the case. However, players won’t have to wait long for KAY/0’s formal unveiling since Episode 3, Act I, is set to release next week.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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