Valorant Players Speculate That VFX Bug Might Be New Agent Teaser

After the highly-successful launch of Riot Games’ Valorant, the first-person shooter has finally begun wading into the world of competitive gaming. Valorant had its first Riot-hosted competition recently called the First Strike Tournament, with the 100 Thieves winning the event.

That being said, one thing that the game hasn’t really divulged in great detail about is its story. Although, this is completely understandable given the fact that Valorant is an arena shooter and this genre is one of the most difficult when it comes to implementing an ongoing narrative.

However, one recent discovery by a fan could change things. More specifically, one Valorant player came across a strange effect that could possibly hint that a new Agent is making its way to the game.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the free-to-play multiplay is bound for a new patch. Some of the changes implemented in the game thanks to patch 1.14 have to do with the new Icebox map as well as Sage’s Wall, which are two things that many players have been having trouble with.

Speaking of Icebox, it was on this particular map where the aforementioned effect (or possibly glitch) was noticed. Right before a match started, a player left the spawn zone only to stumble upon numerous dark-blue eruptions from the snowy ground.

In addition to that, these eruptions sounded like footsteps or like someone walking on snow-covered ground, while it visually looked like an invisible person was splashing through some kind of dark liquid.

As expected, Valorant players replied to the tweet with speculations about what that bizarre effect could be. Some say that it’s possibly a glitch caused by a coming patch. However, it doesn’t seem possible for a glitch to look, act, and sound like something as specific as those footsteps.

The last time Valorant had a glitch of that capacity relating to a patch, Riot Games quickly rolled back the patch in question just so they could fix it. As a matter of fact, the developer even went so far as to call it a “nightmare” of an update.

That being said, there’s another possibility and more players are hoping for this theory to be true. Players speculate that the effect could be Riot Games’ way of teasing a new Agent. After all, a few leakers have already said before that the developer will be releasing a brand-new Agent at some point, and these phantom footsteps could be an indication of their arrival in the game.

Although if this is truly a hint at an upcoming Agent, we’re not exactly sure what Riot is trying to convey about the character. For one thing, it could mean that the new Agent will have some kind of ability that will render them invisible, or perhaps a misdirection ability.

Many video game titles have already extensively utilized visual misdirection, but auditory misdirection, on the other hand, is not as used. Maybe the Agent — if the effect truly pertains to one — is a character that is somehow connected to Icebox, a map that many players don’t like and want removed.

In any case, we’ll have to wait for Riot Games to make an official announcement regarding this, as the developer has always been known for bizarre marketing tactics such as this.

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