Google has officially launched Android 13’s first public iteration. It’s also known as a developer preview since it’s a very early version in the operating system’s life. This also means that even though anyone is free to download and install the OS on their devices, it’s not that stable yet, and it’s still full of bugs. As such, it’s recommended for developers only for testing purposes, hence its name.

However, many Android users are excited for what’s to come, especially since this is the first time we’ve had a glimpse of what Android 13 will look and feel like. Google won’t launch the final version of the OS just yet, but the company has released a timeline for when users can expect the release of the stable version.

As you can see from the schedule above, Android 13 will launch in a few months. It’s a significantly shorter timeframe than the launch of Android 12 last year. So, if all goes well during development, we may see a minimum of four beta launches between April and July. And if the OS doesn’t encounter any significant setbacks, Android 13 should officially launch around August 2022.

Comparing Android 13 to Android 12, the latter’s stable launch occurred on October 2021. However, the changes and differences from Android 11 to Android 12 were palpable. Since Android 13 doesn’t have that many changes, OS’ stable launch may roll around much sooner this year.

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