Microsoft is now releasing its Moment 3 update for Windows 11 system. There are lots of features and improvements included in the release, but here are the main highlights to see:

  • Ability to copy 2FA codes in updated notifications without the need to fully open the message
  • New VPN icon
  • The system clock now includes seconds
  • Task Manager live kernel memory dump collection capability
  • Availability of Content Adaptive Brightness Control even when the device is charging
  • Ability to view more Microsoft Edge tabs via Alt + Tab shortcut
  • The Print Screen key on your Windows 11 PC keyboard will now open Snipping Tool
  • Accessibility improvements, including the expansion of the live captions feature to more regions and enhancements for Voice Access
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Audio support
  • The new “Presence sensing” page is a privacy setting to control devices capable of detecting your presence

Windows 11 users can now check the availability of the release for their machine by going to Windows Settings > Windows Update and clicking Check for updates, specifically KB5026446 or 22621.1778.

In related news, Windows Copilot is reportedly coming to Windows 11 in June. It will be placed in the system taskbar and can be used to access the new Bing directly. Even more, users can also ask the Copilot to perform some commands, from changing the PC’s settings to creating compositions and summarizing texts. 

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