Microsoft To Change Their Water Consumption Practices For The Better

As we all know, Microsoft is one of the world’s tech giants. Thanks to its Microsoft OS, Office Suite, hardware, and Xbox gaming, the company most definitely has a thumbprint on the entertainment and technology industry.

Seeing as they’re such a big company, it kind of makes sense that they would want to lessen their carbon footprint. In fact, Microsoft president Brad Smith recently announced in a statement that the company plans to “replenish more water than it consumes by 2030.”

Microsoft is a company that’s constantly expanding. Exhibit A: it recently acquired Zenimax Media and Bethesda Studios. As such, Microsoft wants to start combating the water crisis around the world. In order to do so, it plans to extremely reduce the amount of water it uses all while carrying out a replenishment strategy.


In today’s statement, Smith referenced The World Bank, saying that if things keep going the way they are right now, the availability of water could be reduced by 66% by 2050.

Over the past year, Microsoft has done a great job becoming a “carbon negative, zero waste company.” Vowing to become more water positive by 2030 is only one of the many pledges they have made in order to make the planet a better place.

What does it mean exactly to be “water positive by 2030?” Smith elaborates that this means they will be replenishing more water than they use. For one thing, Microsoft will be investing in projects like getting rid of asphalt surfaces as well as wetland restoration.


Smith goes on to say that they will be focusing on “roughly 40 highly stressed basins” where Microsoft has operations. That being said, they’re not just focusing on water usage, though, they’re also concerned with water accessibility.

As such, they will also be working with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in order to ensure that over 1.5 million people will have convenient access to clean drinking and sanitation water.


However, for this goal, they’ll be focusing more on just seven countries. With the help of, a leading global nonprofit organization that’s focused on underserved communities, Microsoft will be helping the people of Brazil, India, Indonesia and Mexico. Although they plan on expanding their work to China, Malaysia and South Africa.

Among the many plans Microsoft has set includes the education of their customers regarding water-related risks caused by climate change. They will make use of technologies and AI, such as the Azure IoT Central government app templates, in order to greatly improve not only water efficiency but water quality as well.

It won’t be easy getting ahead of the world’s water crisis and it will definitely require the cooperation of many people, if not everyone. However, what Microsoft is trying to do is very much appreciated.

This just goes to show that even though they’re a huge company, they still haven’t forgotten the importance of caring for the environment and the planet as a whole.

We should definitely use their movement as an inspiration and make changes to our personal water consumption practices, as well.

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