Xbox Exclusive The Medium Confirmed To Be Released On The PS5 Later This Year

The Medium, a psychological horror game from Bloober Team, is making its journey across the spirit realm to the PS5, complete with DualSense support. The Medium, formerly an Xbox and PC exclusive, was one of the major reasons for buying an Xbox Series S/X at launch, as the next-gen system had no real exclusives.

However, it has since been revealed that Xbox was only able to negotiate a limited-time exclusive arrangement, and PS5 players will be able to explore The Medium’s two worlds via its unique dual-reality experience.

The Medium got a PlayStation 5 rating earlier this month, raising speculation that the psychological horror game will make its way to Sony systems. However, due to the game’s blood and violence, the ESRB website gave it an adult rating for Xbox and PlayStation systems.


Though it wasn’t verified at the time, this listing provided all the proof enthusiasts needed to know that the PS5 will be released soon. Now that Sony has given the game a score, The Medium has been given an official release date for the next-gen platform, September 3, 2021.

For the PlayStation YouTube site, an official trailer for The Medium was released, indicating that the game would be released on the PS5 at the end of the summer. The clip also revealed that the game would utilize DualSense haptics, making it a standout title on Sony’s platform.

Since its initial release on January 28, The Medium has been an Xbox exclusive; however, it appears that Microsoft did not secure a lasting exclusive contract. Nevertheless, because it offers a simultaneous play system that allows players to interact with two in-game settings at once, The Medium is ideally suited for current-gen consoles like the PS5. In addition, Marianne, the game’s titular medium and main character, has the ability to travel between the physical and spiritual worlds at the same time.

In order to conquer hurdles and difficulties, players must use both worlds simultaneously, solving riddles and navigating severe barriers in one to overcome the difficulties in the other. With DualSense haptics, this may be much more mind-bending, with visual, aural, and now tactile signals in-game.

Such gaming options are only feasible on current-gen hardware since the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 feature built-in SSDs that enhance the power available. The Medium will not be released on other Sony platforms, such as the PlayStation 4, as it was not in January on the Xbox One.

The DualSense haptics in The Medium will only be available on PS5 when it launches in a few months, offering former The Medium gamers an incentive to return to the horror-filled environment. It’ll be fascinating to see how Bloober Team created the haptics using DualSense, but gamers will have to wait a few more months to experience it.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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