How To Get Cuihua Wood And Its Uses In Genshin Impact

The housing system in Genshin Impact is one of the game’s newest features. Genshin Impact users may use this method to create their own realm by purchasing blueprints from the realm depot shop.

Players must then obtain the materials required to construct the structure using the blueprints. While certain lower-level objects like chairs and tables may take a few crafting resources, bigger constructions like buildings and fountains require a lot more.

The seven distinct wood kinds found throughout Genshin Impact’s overworld are the most prevalent construction materials utilized to create these diverse constructions. Birch Cuihua, Bamboo, Sandbearer, Pine, Cedar, and Fir are among the woods used.

While the majority of these wood kinds are rather simple to get by, a few, such as Cuihua wood, are more difficult to get by. Players can cultivate Cuihua wood in three different areas throughout the map. The area outside of Mondstadt city, the Starfell Lake region and Dadaupa Gorge are among them.



cuihuawood4-6726910cuihuawood3-3612451When it comes to cultivating wood, players must also be able to tell the difference between each tree variety. Cuihua trees, fortunately, are one of the easiest to spot in the game, thanks to the Sunsettia fruits that dangle from their branches.

Cuihua wood is required to construct several of the companion blueprints in the recently released Realm Dispatch update. As a result, if players wish to obtain the numerous primogem prizes available from the new update, they will have to harvest the restricted places of the trees constantly.

The material’s cooldown is an essential consideration while cultivating Cuihua wood. Unlike other resources harvested in the overworld, such as white iron pieces, the cooldown on wood acquired from trees works in a unique way.


The wood from a tree will respawn after every 10 additional trees chopped down. As a result, although the amount of Cuihua trees available is limited, there are more than 10 in the area of Northern Mondstadt, allowing players to farm for the material repeatedly.

It’s worth mentioning that players have claimed that the wood from Cuihua trees hasn’t respawned in certain cases. This can be easily fixed by exiting the game and re-entering the world. While the majority of the farming methods described in this guide have been in relation to Cuihua wood, the same steps can be applied to the farming of other rare wood types such as pine.

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