Gaming is one of the most popular pastimes these days. The stigma that video games are for kids holds less weight each year, and it is no surprise to see that different demographics are enjoying video games.

Macbook owners may not have it as good as those who have personal computers or consoles. However, there are still plenty of video games you can enjoy on a Mac. And improving the overall experience by making some adjustments is also not a stretch. Read this article and find out how to accomplish that.

Step #1 – Change or Add New Hardware

Not all Macbook models allow users to add or replace the hardware, but if yours does, and you have some money to spare, then go for it.

A couple of the most popular choices include extra RAM, replacing hard drives with solid-state drives, and even purchasing external graphics processing units.

Some of the hardware can be pretty expensive. However, you can wait for the holiday season when products go on sale. If you are not in a hurry and have patience, then you will save money.

Step #2 – Make Enough Drive Space

The lack of drive space on a computer leads to performance issues. Macbooks are not known for the available storage, and the trend to replace HDDs with SSDs for the sake of performance does not help with the total drive space either.

Video games require more and more storage each year, so you will need to be smart about Macbook data management. Stick to using streaming platforms for media consumption, delete unnecessary junk like old apps and downloads, and transfer data to clouds and external hard drives or memory sticks.

Step #3 – Remove the Filth Inside the Mac

The accumulation of filth inside the laptop will lead to hardware problems. The internal fans will not keep up with the system demands if the dust is clogging them. If the Macbook is overheating as well, then do not wait and remove the dust.

In case you are not confident in yourself and fear damaging the computer by taking it apart, deliver it to a computer service store and leave the Mac in the hands of people who have experience.

A cooling pad is also worth mentioning. The accessory would provide the Macbook with an extra source of cool air and reduce the internal fans’ workload.

Step #4 – Scan the Computer for Potential Malware

A lackluster Mac performance may be the result of malware or virus. Confirm that the system is malware-free by scanning the computer’s disk. If the scan finds corrupted files or data that seems suspicious, you would be better off deleting it from the Macbook and giving yourself peace of mind.

Step #5 – Close Unnecessary Background Applications

Video games will take the majority of available computer resources, particularly if they are AAA games. Thus, the experience of playing video games will not meet your expectations if there are too many redundant background applications.

When gaming, you should not be at risk of attracting cybersecurity threats, so disabling the antivirus is one of the options to consider. Depending on what software you use, it may be one of the most demanding applications on the computer.

As for other processes, you can find the full list on the Activity Monitor tool. Sort apps by memory and GPU usage to find out which of the applications are the problem.

Step #6 – Switch Things Around With In-Game Settings

Game settings exist for a reason. You can change texture details, shadow quality, graphics, resolution, and even disable visual effects that require more resources for the video game to operate optimally.

Sure, some video games are driven by their visuals, but you can still enjoy playing them even if the quality is not the best. It is about finding that balance between the in-game looks and performance.

Step #7 – Remember to Update the OS

While the operating system updates tend to introduce new features and security patches for potential holes, one should not underestimate what these updates do to the overall Macbook stability and performance.

Lacking updates means that your computer is not operating at the best capacity it can, and thus reducing your gaming enjoyment.

Yes, some OS updates take a while to download and install, but that should not be a reason to postpone them. Even if you need to wait, prioritize the next operating system upgrade, and once you install it, you should notice the difference.

Step #8 – Try Full-Screen and Window Modes

Some video games may run better in the window mode. However, do not get in the habit of sticking to the window mode. As a rule of thumb, the full-screen mode is a better option.

After all, running a video game in the full-screen mode means that the system dedicates its resources to the video game rather than some of them going to the desktop and other applications that might be in the background.

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