More Content Is Heading To Among Us This December Besides New Map

It appears that December is a big month for InnerSloth and Among Us fans alike. Not only will the game introduce a brand-new map, but the developer has also teased that “even more secret things” are headed to the online social deduction game.

While we have no information just yet about what this new content could be, InnerSloth did say on Twitter that more details will be revealed soon, specifically this December. In the past, the three-person developer InnerSloth released a couple of updates that involved hats and pet companions.

While the latter does nothing for your character and the game in general, it’s still adorable to have a little buddy accompanying you as you do your tasks. Speaking of which, an Among Us and Twitch collaboration was announced a few days ago, giving players a chance to earn a free Glitch pet. The free pet is based directly on the streaming platform’s logo, and the opportunity to obtain one is only available for a limited time.

That being said, this month of December is a significant one for the online multiplayer Among Us, as it has been previously announced that the new map will be revealed during The Game Awards 2020.

According to InnerSloth, the new map will be heavily based on another game it developed and released this year called The Henry Stickmin Collection. This title, for those who don’t know, consists of several mini-games reminiscent of the mini-games found on the nostalgic Newgrounds website .

Without a doubt, Among Us is one of this year’s most popular games — two years after its initial release. It has become so popular that it was on Twitch’s top 10 streamed games — and stayed there — for a couple of months throughout the year.

The title has even reached the world of politics, with US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez playing and streaming the game with other notable YouTube and Twitch personalities for charity.

Needless to say, the stream was a huge success and they were able to raise $200,000, which was then donated to different charities that aimed to help people impacted by COVID-19.


With the game’s still-growing popularity, more and more fans are hoping for particular additions in the game that will make its gameplay even better. Although InnerSloth previously announced that it will be implementing additional language support, which includes Portuguese, German, French, and more, fans also want an in-game voice chat that depends on the players’ proximity to each other.

At the moment, many Among Us players utilize third-party software in order to implement this kind of feature to the title. More specifically, players have been using a proximity chat mod, which allows players to converse with one another without having to wait for a dead body report or emergency meetings. It definitely makes the game more challenging for both crewmates and impostors alike.

In any case, InnerSloth hasn’t revealed when the additional language support will be included either, but fans assume that it will be a part of the announcements slated for this month.

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