New Apex Legends Glitch Renders Rampart and Her Abilities Useless

Apex Legends has been home to several bugs recently, and fans have discovered another one wherein one of the Legends becomes almost useless. The Legend in question is Rampart, who was first introduced in Apex Legends Season 6. Recently, many fans have begun noticing that one of Rampart’s abilities consistently breaks and doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, which makes her an even more unpopular choice as of late.

While the popular Legend Wraith is almost always on the top of the pick rate charts, it has become such a common occurrence to find Rampart at the bottom of that aforementioned list.

Even before this glitch, Rampart isn’t really the first choice for many Apex Legends fans due to the fact that her abilities are more difficult to master compared to others, and most of the time, they are only useful in particular situations. However, the main reason why she’s gotten even more unpopular these days is because her Amped Cover ability is, for lack of a better word, broken.


As you may or may not know, Rampart’s Amped Cover is her main skill, so it makes sense that her pick rate would drop after this bug. After all, how can anyone play the game properly if the character they’ve chosen to control doesn’t have a working main skill?

Respawn Entertainment previously confirmed that it’s working on nerfing certain Apex Legends characters, but at this point, releasing an update that will fix Rampart may be just as important.

On the Apex Legends Reddit community, user dadnotthere recently posted a short clip that clearly showcases the glitch, along with a scalding title that goes: “Nobody knows that rampart is broken because nobody uses it.”

As can be seen on the 5-second video, dadnotthere is attempting to make use of Rampart’s Amped Cover ability but no matter what they do, the ability refuses to be utilized. What makes the bug even more frustrating is the fact that the player had to wait while the Legend continued to try and fail at placing the cover onto the empty ground.

At that point, dadnotthere’s character was pretty much free to be shot at, as Rampart could do nothing except hold the cover in her hands. Given the severity of this issue, it’s easy to understand why so many players — dadnotthere included — are so frustrated by this.

Nobody knows that rampart is broken because nobody uses it. happens on both maps from apexlegends

Other Legends seem to experience bugs and glitches that are beneficial to the player, such as when Lifeline’s healing drone became invulnerable, but this sadly isn’t the case for Rampart. User dadnotthere also confirmed on the Reddit post that the same glitch “happens on both maps,” so even playing on Season 7’s new Olympus map won’t spare you.

Many Apex Legends players flocked to the post to convey their dislike for Rampart, with one user who goes by the handle ZorkFireStorm even saying that “Rampart will be a meme for a long time.” Given the existence of this glitch, we’re beginning to agree with that statement.

The main role of Rampart as a character in Apex Legends is to put down turrets that help fortify the area, which can be done with her Amped Cover ability. Once set up, the cover is supposed to block and prevent her from getting damaged while her shots are significantly improved as she fires at enemies from behind the aforementioned cover.

So, the fact that this extremely important ability of hers has been rendered useless is definitely something that Respawn Entertainment needs to fix as soon as possible. Until then, Rampart will most likely remain as unpopular as she is right now.

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