Apex Legends Season 8 Patch Notes Released Early

The launch date of Apex Legends Season 8, which has been entitled “Mayhem,” is drawing closer and closer, and players can expect a plethora of new changes and features. For instance, fans can not only expect the new explosive Legend called Fuse, but Season 8 also introduces a new and improved King’s Canyon map, buffs for various legends, several changes to the game’s matchmaking and ranked games, and a brand-new weapon, among other things.

In anticipation of the upcoming season, Respawn Entertainment has released the game’s patch notes early, giving fans a more in-depth look at all the changes coming to the first-person hero shooter battle royale.

It was revealed last week that Apex Legends will be introducing a new weapon for the first time since Season 6. The 30-30 Repeater, which is essentially a semi-auto heavy weapon, is said to fire faster than a Longbow. However, it’s supposed to be slower than a G7. Not only that, but the 30-30 Repeater will work similarly to the choke on the Triple Take in that it can charge. Doing so gives each shot from this weapon around 35% more damage.


The patch notes also reveal the changes made to Apex Legends’ ranked system. Previously, the game’s Ranked Points (RP) was dealt out to only the top 10 in a match, but this time around, it will be the top 13. Not only that, more points will be given for kills and assists.

Apex Legends ranked players will also be happy to know that the time window for assists will be increased from 7 seconds to 10. These changes and improvements are much appreciated, especially since it shows that Respawn Entertainment is making an effort to assist players in reaching the rank that suits their abilities the best. As for Diamond trails, they will also be making a comeback at the conclusion of Season 8.

When it comes to the Legends, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that a couple of Legends will be receiving changes either before or as soon as Season 8 begins. For instance, Senior Game Designer Daniel Klein previously confirmed that the team finally implemented HP for Rampart’s tactical wall while in the process of building. This helps ensure that the wall doesn’t get destroyed so quickly.

On the other hand, the mighty Wraith will be getting a nerf instead. We assume that it’s going to be some kind of adjustment to the character’s hitbox. This caused a bit of controversy when the fans found out, especially since Wraith has an incredibly high win-rate during matches, and is considered to be one of the most popular Legends among the fans.

Last but not least, King’s Canyon will finally be returning to Apex Legends’ map rotation after quite a long time of being M.I.A. Although, the map has undergone a couple of changes as well, namely the map is now known as Obliterated King’s Canyon. This ties into a part of Season 8’s story line, where Salvo attempted to kill Fuse for joining the Syndicates Apex Games. The fight resulted in the destruction of the original King’s Canyon.

Among other things, rumors have been circulating recently that the Apex Legends Switch port will be released this month, within a few days. Evidence regarding this leak seems to grow, but we have yet to hear an official announcement from Respawn Entertainment.

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