Reports Claim That Apple Is Developing Its Own VR Headset

Virtual Reality is becoming more and more popular these days, and it appears that a brand-new competitor will be entering the market. Recent reports claim that the multinational technology company Apple is making a high-class VR headset, which will supposedly mark its first steps into a more technologically advanced future.

A few reports have been circulating for the past couple of months revolving around Apple and the development of its reportedly new product. Asides from the potential VR headset, the company may also be working on a self-driving car. This project of Apple’s, which has been given the codename Project Titan, is expected to release by 2024—a decade after the project started.

The VR headset, on the other hand, is estimated to be released much sooner than that, specifically by 2022. According to Bloomberg, the upcoming headset will not only include VR, but AR technology as well. It will be used for more than just gaming too, as its capabilities allow it to be used for video and communications.

This sounds like a big step forward—and it is! Apple plans to make use of some of its most powerful chips for this device, supposedly even more powerful and advanced than any other Apple device released so far. In fact, the chips that are reportedly being tested for the headset are outperforming the processor of Apple’s M1 Mac.

However, the device has gone through several issues during its development, so the company is being realistic and cautious in its sales expectations. This isn’t something that Apple would usually do, though, as the company typically expects incredible numbers when it comes to its new devices.


However, it’s worth noting that the high-powered chips being tested and used for this product require a fan, which is something that Apple usually avoids when it comes to its mobile devices. For its design, the company decided to condense the headset nearer to the user’s face, removing that extra space that allows people to keep on wearing glasses.

We imagine that many will have an issue with this choice, but on the other hand, the VR headset can be fitted with custom prescription lenses. On the downside, Apple could run into another issue with this, as this could subject the headset to regulations revolving around the selling of products that have prescriptions.

Since Apple is a multinational company, it sells its plethora of products all over the world, and each country has its own varying rules about prescriptions. Of course, its biggest issue is probably is price, at least for the regular consumers who don’t have a lot of extra money to throw away.

The VR headset is expected to be far more expensive than its existing competitors, such as Oculus and the soon-to-release Samsung Odyssey VR headset.

In any case, despite all its ongoing issues that Apple needs to figure out, it’s expected that VR and VR headsets will only rise in popularity in the upcoming years. In fact, a recent study claims that by 2025, around millions upon millions of VR headsets will be used actively.

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