Battlefield 3 Is Currently Free For Amazon Prime Subscribers

The Battlefield franchise has changed and improved throughout the years since its initial 2002 release, now becoming one of the most noteworthy multiplayer franchises in the industry. While not every game in the series was as well-received as others, it’s a franchise that’s generally known for releasing some pretty solid shooters.

This includes its amusing take on military FPS with Battlefield: Bad Company, and its portrayal of World War I in Battlefield 1. That being said, arguably one of the best titles in the franchise is Battlefield 3.

Fortunately for those who haven’t experience this game yet, Amazon Prime subscribers can get a copy for free right now. More specifically, members of Amazon Prime can claim an Origin code for Battlefield 3 on the Prime Gaming website. From there, simply choose “Games and Loot.”

After choosing that option, go ahead and scroll down until the Battlefield 3 option can be seen under the “Games with Prime” section. Interested players should definitely act fast, as this deal will only last until December 30.


As for those who were able to redeem their code, make sure to input the key in Origin before it expires on January 29, 2021. That being said, the free offer only includes the base Battlefield 3 game, so those who want to experience it with DLCs will have to buy them on their own.

In any case, we don’t expect that the game’s online mode will be overflowing with players, especially since Battlefield 3 originally launched in 2011. On the bright side, the first-person shooter has its own campaign, so interested players can still experience explosive gunfights even though the online servers are practically deserted.

The series’ plot revolves around a fictional war that takes place in 2014 between the US and the PLR, which is an Iranian paramilitary group. The story takes place in several locations and players get to experience the game from the perspective of numerous protagonists.

As for Battlefield 3 specifically, this third installment in the franchise is definitely one of the most popular entries. Despite the fact that it has somewhat been overshadowed by newer FPS titles, it can’t be denied that Battlefield 3 has a solid fanbase and did pretty well in terms of sales.


That being said, Battlefield fans will be glad to know that the series will be releasing yet another iteration next year. Electronic Arts previously said that DICE is currently working on the next Battlefield game, and it’s allegedly going to be huge. The exact term used was “never-before-seen scale,” which honestly sounds exciting.

With the recent release of the new-generation consoles, 2021 is going to be full of games that take advantage of their upgraded and improved capabilities. It appears that developer DICE won’t miss out on all the fun, as well.

Until the next release though, Battlefield 3 is definitely a great game to play. For players who are able to take advantage of this amazing Amazon Prime offer, don’t hesitate to grab it as soon as possible and see why Battlefield 3 is considered to be an iconic title in the FPS genre.

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