Shotgun Farmers is a Surprise Hit on Xbox One, Outsells Major Releases

As we all know, the video game industry is a very competitive one, especially during the fall when highly-anticipated major titles get released almost every week.

However, in a surprise turn of events, one new indie game rose from the competition to become one of the best-selling digital games on the Xbox One, even going so far as to outsell blockbuster games like Madden NFL 21NBA 2K21, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

This new indie darling is called Shotgun Farmers, and it’s an FPS title that has been available through Steam Early Access for quite a while now. However, it recently got released on the Xbox One.



The gameplay mechanics of Shotgun Farmers follows your classic-style arena shooter, and it even has a versus multiplayer mode and a Horde mode. What makes this game so unique from other FPS titles is the fact that its concept itself is one-of-a-kind.

For instance, it has a very silly, cartoon-like art style, and all the weapons you’ll find in the game are based on vegetables e.g. the Sniperagus and the Carrocket. Megastorm Games carefully followed the farm theme, too, since missed bullets can actually grow into ammo plants if they land on the ground. And yes, you can harvest these plants as well.

Just like other games that encounter sudden success, Shotgun Farmers also experienced server issues initially due to the fact that the demand became too overwhelming. However, now, it seems that the developers have everything in control, and the title is continuing its rise in popularity.

As we can see it, there are a few factors as to why this indie title is gaining traction. For one thing, the Xbox price for Shotgun Farmers is only $10, which makes it one of the cheapest new titles you’ll find available on the console.

The next reason is that the title has been constantly promoted by QaziTV on TikTok.


It’s definitely safe to say that QaziTV’s TikTok presence, along with other videos from other users, is the main reason why Shotgun Farmers has gotten so popular. Here’s why we think so: QaziTV uploaded a TikTok on the game a few hours ago, and that specific video has already garnered over 800,000 views and counting.

There are also other users who have made TikTok videos about Shotgun Farmers, with some surpassing 1 million views. As such, the game is definitely reaching a significantly wider audience than it would probably have thanks to this platform.

That being said, QaziTV’s TikTok videos is definitely one of the best ways to quickly learn about any future plans for Shotgun Farmers. For example, we now know that the title is expected to be ported to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch sometime in the future, along with planned cross-play support.

Shotgun Farmers’ success definitely caught us by surprise, but if the developers keep regularly releasing content updates, then there’s no reason why it can’t have the same kind of success that games such as Among Us and Fall Guys have been experiencing.

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