BioWare Officially Cancels Anthem 2.0

If you closely follow the goings-on in the video game industry and community, then you’re familiar with the fact that BioWare’s Anthem didn’t have a successful launch. However, there were still dedicated fans who didn’t want to give up on the franchise, holding on to the hope that Anthem 2.0 would be significantly better.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for any kind of news or update about Anthem 2.0, but now it appears that BioWare has finally broken the silence by officially announcing that Anthem 2.0 is canceled. This news was revealed by none other than Christian Dailey, who is in charge of Anthem’s reboot. As such, there’s no doubt as to the verity of this information.

To put it simply, Dailey said that the team that was dedicated to developing Anthem 2.0 will be redirecting their time, effort, and resources to other franchises like Mass Effect, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Dragon Age.


Anthem was first launched not too long ago—specifically on February 22, 2019—and recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary. This special occasion most likely prompted BioWare and Electronic Arts to rethink their plans for the game’s future, asking amongst themselves what would be the best thing to do for Anthem now.

Thankfully, BioWare didn’t just drop the game without explaining to its fans. In his post, Dailey talks a bit more about the company’s reasons for deciding to cancel the game. Specifically, BioWare has two major reasons as to why Anthem 2.0 will no longer push through.

The first reason probably comes as no surprise at this point, as it has to do with the coronavirus pandemic. Dailey’s post was straight to the point, and didn’t seem to sugarcoat just how dire the current situation is. He admits that due to COVID-19 and the work from home arrangements, many of BioWare’s plans from 2020 and onwards were deeply impacted.

As such, he states that “not everything we had planned as a studio before COVID-19 can be accomplished without putting undue stress on our teams.” That last part will surely resonate with the gaming community, as players have recently made an effort to call out the unhealthy practice of crunch culture and how this exploits developers.

Other than that, the second reason is that BioWare needs to redirect its full attention into developing the best Dragon Age and Mass Effect titles possible. Besides, these two franchises are more popular compared to Anthem, so it would make sense for the company to prioritize them instead.

Dailey also talked about Star Wars: The Old Republic, assuring excited fans that BioWare will still be supporting the online game with updates and new content. To conclude his statement, the developer implies that this decision was not an easy one for him and the team who worked on Anthem 2.0. However, he’s thankful for all the fans’ support, which greatly helped them last year.

The Anthem community recently discussed the chances Anthem 2.0 had in not getting canceled, and now it seems that Dailey has provided the answer to that. While it must be incredibly disappointing for fans who expected so much more from Anthem 2.0, it’s nice of BioWare to offer a goodbye note and a little closure.

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