NieR Replicant Gets New Opening Cinematic

Since NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is set to release within the next few months, Square Enix has decided to reveal what its opening cinematic is going to be. And as intended, this new video has greatly hyped the excited NieR fanbase. Taking only three minutes long, the opening cinematic gives fans an idea of what NieR Replicant’s enhanced graphics look like as well as its soundtrack, which has been remastered and sounds twice as beautiful.

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is actually a remaster of the first NieR Replicant game which was launched back in 2010. However, this original was only released in Japan and was only exclusively available for the PlayStation 3. That being said, the NieR franchise is actually a spin-off one from the Drakengard series, which takes place during a post-apocalyptic time when humanity is on the edge of extinction.

After the release of the follow-up NieR: Automata, the NieR series as a whole began to take traction. It became so popular that it’s still selling copies how many years since its initial launch, with the game even reaching an incredible sales milestone last December 2020.

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As for the recently revealed opening cinematic, some long-time fans may find it familiar. After all, the cinematic is basically a shot-for-shot revamped version of the title sequence from the original game. The main differences, however, is the fact that it features new and improved visuals along with newly recorded voiceovers from the original voice cast.

The opening cinematic is fast-paced and is action-packed, quickly going through footage of important characters and in-game locations. Other than the pivotal cast of characters, the audience is also introduced to other characters who play a major role in NieR Replicant, such as Devola, the Masked People, and Yonah.

Of course, the cinematic also features gameplay footage featuring the different enemies that players must face in the game, including the iconic Hansel and Gretel encounter. One of the reasons why NieR stands out among the other titles of the same genre is partly due to its incredible music direction, which we have Japanese composer Keiichi Okabe to thank for. The opening cinematic trailer features some of the most popular tracks, including the “Emil / Karma” at the end.


Since its initial announcement, publisher Square Enix has been generously sharing a ton of information about the upcoming remaster of NieR Replicant. In fact, the company recently showcased a nine-minute long gameplay video that’s set in the Barren Temple, giving the fans a glimpse of what they can expect from the game once released.

After painstakingly going through the temple and ensuring that they didn’t miss a thing, the player quickly showcased all the new and attractive features that NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139’s combat system will have. Among other things, its gameplay looks much smoother as well, and modern technology was able to fully bring Barren Temple to life.

It was also previously revealed that NieR Replicant will release exclusive collectibles, perfect for those fans who have extra cash to spend. On the other hand, there’s another set of NieR-themed merchandise that was revealed this month as well, which comes in the form of card cases and pouches.

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