Borderlands 3 Brings Back Bloody Harvest Event

The final expansion for Borderland 3’s season pass has been released, and right now, fans don’t really know what to expect for the game’s future updates. Until Gearbox releases more information about the title’s future content, players can distract themselves for now by re-experiencing Borderland 3’s Bloody Harvest event this month.

Gearbox made the announcement on Twitter, and even though it didn’t provide a concrete launch date for the Halloween-themed event, the tweet did vaguely say that the event will take place “next week.”

The tweet also doesn’t provide a lot of information, except for confirming that Captain Haunt and the Rakk-O-Lantern enemies will be brought back into the game once more. Fans will surely jump at the chance to play Bloody Harvest again, especially those who missed out on the event the first time and weren’t able to get the exclusive powerful grenade.

The post doesn’t say anything about new event content as well. However, it does confirm that more information is on the way as Gearbox asks fans to “stay tuned for more.” As such, we’re holding on to the possibility that the developers will be announcing new skins and loot for this event.


Doing so would definitely be a good move for Gearbox, especially since fans have been disappointed in the recent offerings of Borderlands 3 and its DLC packs, so much so that players have been wondering if the season pass was even worth it.

It’s also possible that Gearbox won’t make any changes to the Bloody Harvest event, providing the same exact features and prizes that the original run had. Dedicated fans have pretty much already found everything there is to find within Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck.

For instance, they have already discovered the SpongeBob Easter eggs, as well as found four of the best DLC legendaries. As such, fans are looking forward to new Borderlands 3 content.

It would definitely be interesting to see when Gearbox will be releasing new content that’s meatier than a seasonal event again. In line with that, it has been confirmed that the next big update for the title will be released some time this year.

This upcoming update is said to focus on providing a skill tree to every Borderlands 3 vault hunter. So, we’re intrigued to see what Gearbox will do for the meantime in order to fill the time between that big update and the Halloween event.

Although there’s still a lot of room for potential abilities like Amara’s fourth skill tree, for example, the release could be impacted negatively if there are no new quests to complete or new loot to hunt down and obtain.

Players still have a bunch of unanswered concerns about the title’s story as well as the developer’s future plans. We can only hope that after the Bloody Harvest event ends once more, Gearbox will reveal more details about what they have planned for the future of Borderlands 3.

For those players who haven’t finished the Krieg DLC just yet, we recommend that you keep a lookout for a secret room inside Vaulthalla.

Although, you should catch up on the game’s post-launch content as soon as possible since the Halloween event is fast approaching and it might have a bunch of new content.

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