How to Complete the Steps to Freedom Quest on ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’

Through an in-game event in Call of Duty: Warzone, Activision revealed the next title to its massively successful franchise – Black Ops Cold War. Players had to traverse the Warzone map and finish a few challenges for awesome rewards while racing to beat a timer that will trigger an unknown event.

The developers announced that the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War trailer will be revealed during the event which made fans flock to the Warzone map in hopes to finish the Freedom Quest event. The developers also revealed that there will be tons of amazing loot for everyone who will be participating in the completion of each of the steps of the new Warzone contract.

The Freedom Quest is regarded as the key to triggering the reveal event for the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War trailer. As players finish each challenge of the event, the music grows more intensely which drives them forward from task to task.

In general, the quests are easy but accomplishing them while in the middle of a battle royale game significantly increases the difficulty. Players are forced to bring their A-game into the battlefield if they want to succeed in completing all the challenges.

Completing the New Warzone Contract

Challenge 1 – Collect Map Code

As players enter the game, they will find that the Freedom Quest challenges are already active. Their first task is to collect a map code that comes with a side box that tracks their individual kills. Players must have to loot boxes or kill enemies to find intel regarding the map code.

Once five pieces of intel have been gathered, the quest will be finished and players will automatically progress to the next challenge. Finishing this first challenge for the first time will reward them with a new emblem called “All the Guns”.

Challenge 2 – Secure the Key

After completing the first challenge, players will be able to see a quest symbol on their mini-map. It is unknown if these quest symbols are random for each player. However, the goal is to locate a key to be able to progress to the next challenge.

Players will have to simply go to the indicated area, secure a key, and gain a few EXP for finishing the contract. Players who have completed the challenge will receive a new Legendary Calling Card called “Ascension”.

Challenge 3 – Crack the Code

The next challenge will be a scavenger hunt. Players will have to go to a place in the mini-map indicated by a yellow circle. Somewhere in the highlighted area is a hidden loot box that contains a Map Cipher.

Players will have to locate the item in order to decode their map code and move on to the next challenge.

This challenge seems to be randomized since players reported that the Map Cipher has appeared in various locations of the map. Completing this challenge will reward players with a new Legendary Pattern charm called “Test Pattern”.

Challenge 4 – Wield the Weapon

The last challenge will provide players with a set of coordinates. Players must go to the exact location in the Warzone map and look for an NPC named Frank Woods. He can be located standing inside a building or in various hidden spots.

To finish the challenge, players must locate him before the time runs out. Players who have successfully completed this challenge will receive a Legendary Blueprint for a Marksman Rifle called “Bay of Pigs”.


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