Call of Duty Warzone Players Land Without A Parachute Using This Trick

Call of Duty Warzone has witnessed its fair share of glitches, bugs, and tricks. From watching items fall down stairs to shooting enemies through walls, there are apparently a boundless number of bugs that fans need to be aware of.

Some of these stayed away from such as getting killed by scorestreaks as they are respawning. However, other Call of Duty tricks can be utilized by any player including landing on the ground without even using a parachute.

When it comes to using parachutes, there are two various kinds of players at the beginning of a match. While some players parachute their way over a particular area, others try to shoot players out of the sky and risk using their parachute at the last possible second. This newly discovered trick is in the middle of these two styles, as it lets players shoot at their enemies while falling but also requires players to utilize a unique strategy in order to survive the fall.

This newly discovered Warzone trick was revealed by user Thexer0 on Reddit and is already going viral across the gaming community. The trick involves landing on specific textures and can most safely be tried by freefalling onto satellite dishes. The video below how a player can land on a satellite and slide off it unharmed.

You can free fall into satellite’s and not die. Attempt at your own risk. from CODWarzone

The secret of this trick involves the actual texture that the player is landing on. Since the satellite dish can’t normally stand on, it is regarded as a barrier instead of a floor. It is identical to when a player collides with an invisible wall and takes no damage because there’s no surface to stand on. The game reads the player as not having fully landed yet and slides them off onto the nearest surface.

This trick is specifically useful for players who spend their air time shooting at opponents in the hopes of gaining more Warzone kills. The player simply needs to wait for the exact moment and jump near a satellite dish, shoot their way down and ensure they fall on the dish. Once they are standing, they can go back to shooting enemies out of the sky.


The trick has made some fans remember a hateful viral video where a player faked a fall damage bug while landing on dumpsters. This trick appears to be the real deal as other players have already confirmed that the trick works in their Warzone games.

Whether this is something that will be fixed in a new patch or is harmless enough to remain in the game is unconfirmed at this time.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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