Release Date Announced for Mobile Title Crash Bandicoot: On the Run

It was revealed some time in July that King Digital is currently developing a Crash Bandicoot game entitled Crash Bandicoot: On the Run. Along with the announcement, King also released an announcement trailer that gave potential players an idea of what the game will be about.

Now, about three months later, Crash Bandicoot: On the Run has an expected release date. Based on the App Store’s listing, the game will be released on March 25, 2021. Along with this news, the developer released yet another trailer to hype up the game.

Thanks to this most recent trailer, we now know a bit more about the upcoming mobile game, such as the fact that it’s more large-scale than we all expected it to be. For instance, players will be able to enjoy more than 100 hours of gameplay, with 12 lands to traverse.

In addition to that, Crash Bandicoot: On the Run players will be able to engage in battles against popular bosses from previous Crash Bandicoot installments.

Based on the most recent trailer, which you can watch above, this new Crash Bandicoot mobile title will be an endless runner just like previously popular games such as Temple Run. However, this one will have its own twists that are uniquely its own.

In this title, players will be able to avoid obstacles as well as go through secret passages that will lead them to all kinds of rewards and unique challenges. That being said, those interested players can pre-register for the game before its release.

What’s more, those who do pre-register will be able to obtain a special Blue Hyena Skin for the main character Crash. Long-time Crash Bandicoot players will be familiar with this one, as it’s a nod to a similar skin that was available in Crash Team Racing. 

In any case, there is still a lot of important information that King Digital has yet to reveal. For instance, we don’t know just yet if Crash Bandicoot: On the Run will have some kind of story element.

Although, the fact that this will be an endless runner type of mobile game indicates that any kind of storyline will most likely be light and won’t have any significant impact on the franchise’s lore.


Players are also wondering if the title will allow them to play as other characters, such as Dr. Neo Cortex or Coco Bandicoot. If previous games are any indication though, it’s highly possible that other playable characters can be unlocked by either progressing through the game or by purchasing them via some kind of in-game store.

The announcement revealing the release date of Crash Bandicoot: On the Run came shortly after Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time was released on the PS4 and Xbox One. Just like the previous classic games, Crash Bandicoot 4 features a bunch of familiar characters as well as various challenging maps.

After Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time was released, it was able to garner a lot of positive reviews from players and critics alike. Not only that, it was able to do really well on numerous sales charts.

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