Crossfire: Warzone Receives First Major Update

Since its initial release, Crossfire: Warzone received its very first major update on August 20, 2020. The customization system in the game has gotten a whole lot better since this update, allowing players to sharpen their creativity by better personalizing their characters.

For one thing, players will be able to change base skins as well as add a custom frame to their commander portrait. Not only that, you can even customize the chat bubble and name tag for when you’re in the chatroom. This is great if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Another thing worth mentioning is the new community-driven event called the Alliance Festival. This event gives the players’ in-game alliances the option to appoint different missions to individual members. It’s highly recommended that the mission should be finished before the deadline in order for the alliance to receive a point. At the end of the event, the alliance will add all the points accumulated and the reward they receive will depend on that. In other words, team effort is a must if you wish to succeed in this event.


This major update will also introduce the Challenger Pass, which is Crossfire: Warzone’s version of a season pass content according to a press release. The Challenger Pass will only be 42 days, and those who get to acquire this pass will have the opportunity to earn rewards by doing and completing various missions.

Not only that, but a base skin, a chat bubble, and the legendary officer “Jean” will be given as a reward to those who have a Challenger Pass. What makes Crossfire: Warzone’s pass different than the others is the fact that players can still participate in this even though they don’t have one.

The update is now available for all Crossfire: Warzone players, so get it now in order for you to make use of all these great, new features.

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