Genshin Impact Presents New Character in Latest Character Demo Video


Genshin Impact’s 1.1 update is fast approaching and with it comes the introduction of a new character named Klee. The saying “don’t just a book by its cover” applies to this one, as behind her adorable facade lies strong and explosive powers that will catch you by surprise.

Developer miHoYo has been preparing fans for the upcoming update and has revealed some of the new features and changes players can expect to find, such as a new map expansion that was previously announced.

One of the unique things about Genshin Impact as a free-to-play RPG is the fact that it also makes use of a gacha system. While there are popular titles like Fire Emblem Heroes that have solid gameplay on top of the random gacha mechanic, Genshin Impact probably has the most sturdy gameplay out of all the current gacha games.

After all, you can still progress through the game without having to draw random characters to add to your party. Although if you do that, this would mean that you won’t be able to make use of some of the best characters in Genshin Impact and we can’t imagine how you could possibly resist that.

In other news, miHoYo recently revealed Klee, the new poster character for update 1.1. Now, the developer released a new character demo video that showcases her skills and abilities.

The adorable character is capable of controlling fire and explosions. In fact, Klee is able to spread fire over an expanse of land with the use of bombs and other forms of ranged attacks. From what we can see on the video, which you can view above, she seems to be having fun decimating the enemies.

The introduction of Klee in Genshin Impact is great news for those players who want to replace Amber in their party. However, this also serves as a warning for those who still don’t have Venti on their team.

When miHoYo announced Klee, it was also revealed that she will be the highlight of the forthcoming Wish banner event. This means that you will most likely obtain her by making use of the limited-time draw banner.


However, as you can remember, this current spot is being held by the ephemeral Venti. In other words, once Klee’s Wish banner is made available on October 20, players will no longer have the chance to acquire the wind-based archer through the character-pulling gacha or Wish system.

When leaks regarding Genshin Impact’s 1.1 update was circulated, it was claimed that the patch will feature Zhongli and Childe as the banner characters. In fact, Klee wasn’t even part of the picture at all.

This may no longer seem to be the case now, but there is still a lot of information from the leaks that might still be proven true. In any case, dedicated Genshin Impact players won’t have to wait too long to find out, as update 1.1 is just around the corner.

Genshin Impact’s global release was a massive success, so much so that it was even considered to be the best global launch for any Chinese game. As such, fans are looking forward to seeing and experiencing everything the developer has in store for the game.

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