Dataminer Leaks Apex Legends’ Halloween 2020 Skins

One great thing about Apex Legends is that fans always have a lot of new content to look forward to once a new update goes live. The title’s Aftermarket event as well as the crossplay support update was recently launched, which is undoubtedly a gold mine not only for the players but for the dataminers as well who want to provide the fans with a quick preview of Apex Legends’ future.

One great example is the fact that just today, players were rewarded with information regarding the upcoming skins that will be included in the Halloween event. This information came from a reliable Apex Legends dataminer known as Shurgtal.

Shurgtal took to Twitter today to reveal information about the new Halloween skins, which we expect to be available on the October 22 update. That being said, there’s nothing surprising about these skins, as they look pretty similar to what Respawn Entertainment released last Halloween season.

However, they come in new color palettes, which is exciting in its own way. The Banshee Queen Loba skin can be considered as an exception to this rule though, as she was only added to the game around May this year.

Among the other new content to look forward to, Apex Legends will also be introducing a brand-new LTM called Shadow Royale. This information comes from a different dataminer this time known as Biast12, and they say that the new Shadow Royale mode will work similarly to the Shadowfall mode from last year, but this one will have a few changes.

The difference is that Shadow Royale won’t be a case of Shadows versus alive players. This time around, the mode will be like your regular Apex Legends match, but you will be able to come back as Shadows so that you can help your living teammates win the match.

In addition to that, Shadows will also experience some improvements, such as having a more potent skill set like the ability to regenerate health.

Information from Biast12 didn’t end there, though. The dataminer also revealed that reports of a new legend known as Horizon was uncovered within the most recent patch. Biast12 goes on to say that Horizon’s coding came as a surprise, as they predicted that the next legend would be Valk.

We still don’t know anything else about the new legend Horizon and what their abilities may be. However, given how often they’re being talked about in social media, more details about them might be released and hopefully soon.

At this point, Biast12 feels like a gift that keeps on giving — yet there’s more. The dataminer went on a data deep dive and found new information regarding the Nintendo Switch variant of Apex Legends.

So far, Respawn Entertainment has been adamant about not revealing anything about the Switch update, but Biast12 was able to discover a line of code that would reveal an error message if there’s no connection to Nintendo Online Service.

Understandably, this isn’t a lot of information and it definitely doesn’t reveal much to those players waiting for a release date. However, the fact that the update now has code regarding the Switch version could mean it’s coming soon.

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