Dauntless: Max Level In Slayer Rank

Players in Dauntless will level up their Slayer Rank by actively playing the game. You will boost your Slayer Rank and your Stamina and Health bars by hunting down and beating Behemoths in Dauntless. The Mastery System can be used to level the Slayer rank, but this does not automatically inform you of the level limit.

In Dauntless, how do you know when you’ve achieved the highest Slayer Rank? Continue reading to find out!

Dauntless Rank Max Level

In Dauntless, the maximum Slayer Rank is currently set to 50. More Slayer Rank limits will likely be added in the future, but before then, you’ll know you’ve topped out when you reach Slayer Rank 50. Although simply playing Dauntless is entertaining, it’s also worthwhile to work on improving your Slayer Rank.


Increase your Slayer Rank to gain access to Mastery Cards, Cores, and better weapon mods, as well as increase your Stamina and Health bars. Working through the Mastery System to complete quests and tasks fitting to your current Slayer Rank is the key way to raise your Slayer Rank in Dauntless.

You’ll be able to take on Behemoths, craft new gear, and raise the Mastery rank exclusive to each weapon and Behemoth by using the Mastery System. Arms, like Behemoths, have their own Mastery rank. You’ll automatically activate a Mastery Card when you craft a new weapon or experience a new Behemoth form, which you can inspect in your Main Menu.

These Mastery Cards come with tasks to achieve, which will boost your Mastery rank. Dealing damage to a Behemoth, for example, or crafting its armor. Some ways to keep track of the Dauntless Mastery and success include:


  • Slayer Level: The level at which you are now a Slayer.
  • Behemoth Mastery: This is the new degree of Behemoth Mastery. This score is based on the mastery of all Behemoths, not just the one you’re looking at right now.
  • Reward Preview: Rewards players will receive when they reach the next Mastery level
  • Objectives: Completing goals increases the total Slayer Level as well as the Mastery level associated with the card.
  • Progress (Check Box): Complete a goal to label it as complete.
  • Progress Bar: This will appear next to any objectives that involve several hunts or moves. To complete the objective and obtain a checkmark, fill in the progress bar.
  • Progress (Counter): Another way to monitor your progress.

It’s also worth leveling up the Mastery Cards for different Behemoths and weapons after you’ve achieved the maximum Slayer Rank.

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