Warframe Buried Debts: Guide to the Thermia Fractures

In Warframe’s latest Buried Debts event, you’ll be attempting to seal Thermia Fractures on Orb Vallis! It’s well worth it since the Opticor Vandal is the event’s final prize! This nice version of the fan-favorite weapon hits a little harder, but still more often, and is well worth picking up.

Thermia Fractures

The first thing you can do is go to Orb Vallis. You can either load directly from your Navigator or use the elevator in Fortuna to get there. This is something I would consider doing with a group of your fellow Tenno. Things can get a little frantic, and unless your Warframe has a very good crowd-control and damage build, you may need some assistance.


Now go to the Temple of Profit, where the Exploiter Orb can be seen roaming about. It will be accompanied by Coolant Raknoids, a group of miniature spider-like robots. All of these Coolant Raknoids will release a coolant canister if you destroy it. Pick it up, then flee, because the Exploiter Orb deals a lot of harm, and you have no way to hurt it right now.

In your Archwing, take to the air and ride around Orb Vallis. Look for firing jets of flame coming from the top and run straight for them. This is referred to as a Thermia Fracture. When you land on it, you’ll be given the option of putting your coolant canister in the Thermia Fracture. As soon as you do this, enemies will appear, and you must protect the canister.

Enemies appear in droves here, so clean them out when staying close to the canister. It can be easily wiped out by a sly squad of enemies. If you kill any enemy beacons you come across, the number of enemy spawns in the area will decrease.


Defend the canister until the meter in the top left of the screen reads 100 percent. You should pick up the canister and fly to find another one until the Thermia Fracture is secured. To fill the canister, repeat the process four times to earn four pieces of Thermia.

You should return to the Temple of Profit to pick up another canister after you’ve done with one. Unless, of course, another astute member of the party has been taking one along all along.

Each Thermia Fracture will usually award you 1 point against the 100 required for this case, but completing a canister completely will earn you 7. Though it is a bit of a grind, the extra points add up fast, and getting your hands on the Opticor Vandal does not take too long.



The below are the awards for this section of the Buried Debts event:

  • 5 Points – Operation Buried Debts Emblem
  • 25 Points – Amalgam Shotgun Spazz and Amalgam Serration Mods
  • 50 Points – Amalgam Barrel Diffusion and Amalgam Organ Shatter Mods
  • 75 Points – Operation Buried Debts Sigil
  • 100 Points – Opticor Vandal (Best Reward)


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