Destiny 2 Devs Explain How Crossplay Will Work

Crossplay implementation has to be the most anticipated aspect of Bungie’s plans for Destiny 2 in the near future. Destiny 2 gamers on PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox will soon be able to connect with Guardians on other platforms and play together. That day isn’t today, since the early Season 15 debut of crossplay isn’t planned for at least another month, but Bungie is ready to provide additional details regarding crossplay now.

Bungie detailed what parts of crossplay will be available at launch and how they will operate in its newest This Week at Bungie blog. But first, Bungie explained why crossplay across so many platforms is so difficult. Guardians’ names, for example, might be the same on various platforms.

As a result, Bungie will begin “filtering” each player’s name to make it unique by adding a code to the end of each login. Players’ usernames will seem identical in-game, but their official “Bungie Name” will include an additional hashcode that can be retrieved through their Destiny 2 nameplate.


With the name change, Crossplay Friends Lists and Clans are actually rather easy. With the new Bungie Name system, players will be able to add friends from any platform and quickly search for certain names. This includes in-game via the roster page, on Bungie’s website, and via the Destiny 2 Companion app, as well as sending Friend requests and Fireteam invites. It’s worth noting that Destiny 2 will include privacy and security options that will allow you to deny invites.

The second major issue is that not every Destiny 2 gamer will want to play with others who are using other platforms. That isn’t an issue in PvE, therefore all Destiny 2 players will be placed in the same global matching pool. Bungie, on the other hand, has taken a firm position in PvP. PC gamers will only be able to play against other PC players.

With Stadia integrated, console gamers will only be able to play versus other console players. Crossplay PvP fireteams between PC and consoles will go straight into the PC pool, rather than giving PC gamers an edge in the console pool. It’s a firm yet reasonable choice.

Unfortunately, Bungie’s most significant statement is that not all of Destiny 2’s crossplay capabilities will be completely functional at launch. Crossplay, playing with people from other platforms, invitations, and Fireteams will all be available.

Many other parts of crossplay will take longer to materialize, with some arriving as late as next winter. In-game voice chat, for example, will be available shortly after launch. Bungie Name changes, text chat display on console (PC chat only), and text chat through console USB keyboards have all been postponed.

That’s a lot of crossplay tech to take in at once. While it may be perplexing, the essential thing to remember is that when it launches, crossplay will operate without the need for players to do much. It’ll be completely self-explanatory. All that’s required is for Bungie to flick the switch and permanently activate Destiny 2’s crossplay. Expect to hear more about the launch soon.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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