Destiny 2 Skyburner’s Oath Catalyst: What It Does And Where To Find It

In Destiny 2, the Skyburner’s Oath fills a valuable void. It’s an excellent Scout Rifle for grappling with Cabal foes in the game. It can even pierce the riot shields used by the Cabal Phalanx rivals.

The Skyburner’s Oath Catalyst adds a handy perk to the knife, making it more useful in battle. It won’t actually improve the game, but it will make the arms more forgiving to use. Here’s what you need to know about the Skyburner’s Oath Catalyst and where you can find it.

What It Does


The Scout Rifle gains a single advantage from the Skyburner’s Oath Catalyst: Increase the weapon’s range to 30. It’s a minor detail, and it’s important to remember that this perk does not affect injury. Having a more tolerant set, on the other hand, is beneficial in a variety of situations.

Enemies on the edge of the previous range are now well within range thanks to the Skyburner’s Catalyst, so players familiar with the weapon before Catalyst can see a bump in injury.


The Skyburner’s Oath Catalyst can be found by completing Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit plays. Since it’s an unusual decline at random, players can expect a long grind to find it. Battle at higher tier difficulty seems to improve, but players can farm whatever they can finish easily.


There doesn’t seem to be any way to speed up the rate of falling. It’s just a matter of farming matches before it occurs like it is with several Catalysts. In PVE, using this Scout Rifle to grind for this Catalyst could be the most effective process.

Upgrading Tips

After obtaining the Skyburner’s Oath, the player should consider updating it. One thousand enemy Cabal kills using the Skyburner’s Oath are required for the Skyburner’s Oath Catalyst. The athlete must fit both conditions, or else it’ll be a waste of time.

These assassinations may also be carried out in the past. If the player used the Skyburner’s Oath to destroy Cabal before getting the Catalyst, they could use it until they get it. And if a thousand enemies is indeed a large number, it does help.

Other Tips

The easiest way to locate Cabal rivals in the European Dead Zone is to attend public functions. Lost Sectors in The Tangled Shore and Nessus are two other options. Players must destroy as many Cabal enemies as possible regardless of the path they take, as each one counts against the upgrade.


The Skyburner’s Oath, fortunately, is an excellent instrument for negotiating with Cabal foes. Particularly when confronted with a Phalanx. With its specific perks, players can become comfortable using this weapon for every Cabal-related situation.

Unfortunately, this isn’t one of the better Catalysts accessible. The player can make an attempt to acquire the Skyburner’s Oath Catalyst, but upgrading it is a different matter. Given how effective the Skyburner’s Oath is in Cabal battles, players can find themselves updating the Catalyst independently.

It’s also worth noting that the forthcoming expansion is expected to have Cabal battlegrounds and other content, so this weapon could be worth thoroughly upgrading for that.

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