Vampyr: Does It Have A New Game Plus?

Many players are curious whether there is a Vampyr New Game Plus, given the game’s recent release. Since it’s such a large action RPG, it’d make sense for it to have a new game plus mode for players to use, similar to what most RPG games have. It will undoubtedly help to expand the game’s playability and length.

Vampyr New Game Plus makes sense and can be very beneficial to players who choose to play the game several times while keeping their stats and/or pieces. Let’s look at why this game has a new game plus feature and what it can do for you.

Is There a Vampyr New Game Plus?

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To answer the question of whether or not there is a Vampyr New Game Plus mode, the disappointing answer is that there isn’t one in the game at all. This is regrettable, and we regret having to remind you of it.

Unfortunately, this means that if you complete the main plot and then try to restart, you will have to start again from the beginning. In a Vampyr New Game Plus mode, none of your items, stats, ranks, options, or anything else can carry over from one playthrough to the next.

This is aggravating, particularly because there has been no word on a possible Vampyr New Game Plus in the future. It’s also inconvenient because it ensures that if you win the game and try to restart, you’ll lose all you’ve learned and will be as helpless as ever.

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