Destiny 2: What is The Bad Juju Catalyst and Where To Find It

In Destiny 2, Bad Juju has been and continues to be one of the most common weapons. Part of it stems from nostalgia for Destiny 1, but it also stems from the weapon’s enormous ability in both PVE and PVP fighting. Not to mention that it’s a visually appealing weapon.

When the Catalyst is added to the mix, the Bad Juju becomes a much more powerful and damaging tool. It won’t replace Outbreak Perfected too soon, but it’s a valuable addition to every player’s arsenal and well worth the time and effort it took to obtain the Bad Juju Catalyst. Here’s what the Catalyst does and how to get it for players who want to improve an already powerful arm.

What Does It Do?


Unending Curse, a single perk provided by the Catalyst, has only one effect: it extends the length of String of Curses. When Bad Juju is killed, String of Curses is triggered, and it does four things to him:

  • Fill the entire magazine.
  • For a brief period of time, increases damage.
  • A blast of Super Energy is released.
  • While String of Curses is active, the weapon fires on full auto.

String of Curses will stack up to five times, providing massive damage, lots of Super Energy, and days’ worth of ammunition. The Catalyst’s Unending Curse effectively gives the player more time to stack String of Curses with kills and increases the duration of the additional damage.

Essentially, the Catalyst transforms Bad Juju into a potent multi-kill weapon in PVE. When you need many kills for other Catalysts or targets, it’s a great weapon to have.

How To Get It?

The Bad Juju Catalyst is very easy to get, but it will be a long process. To acquire the Catalyst, players must destroy 700 combatants in Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit. The Bad Juju Catalyst will drop until the 700th combatant has been destroyed.

Other Tips

Any mix of tasks is appropriate, and doing several items is preferred for the player’s sanity. Strikes are perhaps the quickest way to reach 700 kills. Provided that the String of Curses perk fits well in PVE, Poor Juju isn’t a bad tool to use to pound out these kills.

Players may also use Crucible’s Survival mode to pound out kills easily. To be quicker than Strikes, it depends on player ability and squad size, however possible.


When opposed to Strikes or Crucible matches, Gambit mode isn’t usually recommended for Catalyst kills. Even it all counts against the 700 kills, so if you like Gambit, don’t be afraid to strike a balance between performance and enjoyment.

Players will eventually need a weapon that can easily dispatch enemies and add up the 700 kills in whatever way possible. To save time, combine this grind with others, such as the Dead Man’s Tale Catalyst search, which requires 800 kills with the Dead Man’s Tale rifle.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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