E3 2021 Fan Registration Opens On June 3

The media will register for the E3 2021 E3 starting today; influencers and business experts will be able to register on May 31, and fans will be able to register on June 3. This year’s E3 will be hosted by a dedicated site and app that will serve as a central hub with web communities, interactive booths, and video conferencing capabilities.

Members of the press will have access to the functionality for a five-day media week beginning June 7th, according to E3 organizer the ESA. On Saturday, June 12, fans can prepare to participate in the festivities for free.


Exhibitor booths will be located on the public access platform, which will have everything from VOD segments to hubs with important announcements. Nintendo, Square Enix, Xbox, Bandai Namco, Sega, Take-Two Interactive, and WB Games are all set to participate in the all-digital festivities, indicating that the ESA and its partners are gearing up to put on an exhibition.

Qualified media participants will now register for E3 2021 via the ESA’s platform and app. In a press release, the trade association said that registration for industry practitioners and influencers would begin next week, on Monday, May 31.

The next week, on Friday, June 3, fans will register. Fans and professionals from all around the world will enjoy a virtual reimagining of one of the industry’s largest events after they have enrolled and can sign up within the above entry dates.


It’s worth remembering that you can also watch this year’s E3 celebrations outside of the platform and app. Viewers can also tune in via E3’s Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter accounts, as is customary. If fans want to attend, they will be treated to a four-day event featuring commentary and interviews from Greg Miller of Kinda Funny, entertainment host Jacki Jing, and eSports analyst Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez.

For the first time since its launch in the mid-1990s, E3 returns this summer after taking a year off in 2020. In order to avoid health issues relating to COVID-19, the ESA decided to host an all-digital exhibition this year. However, in 2022, the trade group will aim to revive the annual event as an in-person event.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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