Verizon Giving Away 6 Months of Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade

Verizon is providing free six-month passes to Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass to its clients. The offer comes as mobile gaming continues to grow in popularity, especially as services like Xbox Game Pass have made their way to mobile devices, pushing people to their phones as well as their consoles and PCs. Clearly, there is a demand that is being exploited, which has resulted in many conflicts, such as the Epic Games vs. Apple litigation.


Starting on May 25, Verizon will offer new and current customers on an extended plan six months of Apple Arcade or Google Play for free, or 12 months for free on “Play More” or “Get More” plans. Since its introduction a few years ago, Apple Arcade has received a lot of positive feedback.

The monthly subscription package provides over 180 premium smartphone games and introduces new ones daily, such as NBA 2K21, ensuring better mobile gaming experiences all over. Despite the fact that some players favor consoles, smartphone gaming has come a long way from the days of Angry Birds, and it now has a large audience hungry for new content.


Although some Apple Arcade games have moved to consoles, the platform still has a large catalog of low-cost titles. In a press release, Verizon mentioned the increasingly rising smartphone population and its attempt to appeal to them.

Verizon said:

Mobile gaming has had a massive boom during the past year as consumers have turned to their devices for an escape from the outside world – with many even citing it as their source of greater wellbeing, according to a recent Oxford study. So, Verizon wants to help bring that support to even more people with this promo no matter what device they use or type of games they enjoy – it’s all included.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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