Epic Games Store Users Claimed Nearly 750 Million Games for Free in 2020

There’s a plethora of online video game storefronts to choose from right now, and the Epic Games Store is the youngest one out there. The digital storefront first launched back in 2018, and has seen incredible success ever since then.

That said, 2020 was an especially good year for the Epic Games Store, and the company celebrated its accomplishments by looking back on the previous year. One of the company’s impressive accomplishments has to do with the free games it gave away to its users—the overall number of downloads reaching hundreds of millions.

Seeing as the first month of 2021 has already ended, Epic Games shared a 2020 Year in Review on its official website for its users’ perusal. There was a very informational infographic in the post, which revealed details like how much money players spent buying games from the storefront, what the most popular titles were for 2020, as well as information on how many titles were given away for free by Epic Games.

The report states that for the year 2020, the company gave away a total of 103 free games, while over 749 million free games were claimed and downloaded by the users. Seeing as Epic Games Store is still continuing its giveaway of weekly free games, we’re definitely intrigued to see how this number will change in 2021.

Most individuals who are a part of the video game community are aware of Epic Games Store and its free game giveaways—it’s a well-known fact at this point. Now that February has officially begun, users are looking forward to the next batch of free games for this month.


That being said, users don’t really have to wait for long before they can get their hands on free games for this month. Last week, Epic Games Store already gave its users a peek at some of the first free games of the new month, starting with the pixel art Metroidvania game entitled Dadara: Trials of Fear Edition. 

This giveaway is still ongoing, so definitely claim it as soon as possible before Thursday, February 4. Epic Games already revealed what the next free game will be after Dandara as well, which will be For the King—a strategy RPG.

Even though the Epic Games Store is still somewhat new to the gaming industry, the Epic Games company itself has been around for a long time now. It’s even the creator of Fortnite, which is one of the most popular battle royale games in the industry right now. It’s a massive game with a huge fanbase, and it’s also known for its crossover events with pop culture references—from Marvel to Star Wars, and many things in between.

After the acquisition of Psyonix back in 2019, the vehicular soccer hybrid game Rocket League became a part of Epic Games’ library. This was definitely a good move on the developers’ part, as Rocket League has seen incredible changes and improvements ever since. Just last week, the game revealed a Super Bowl event called The NFL Super Bowl 55 Celebration, which will introduce a new game mode and other exciting content to the title.

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