G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Arrives In Fortnite For Latest Crossover

Fortnite’s most recent crossover has finally arrived, and this one is for G.I. Joe fans as the battle royale reveals that Snake Eyes is the latest character to join Agent Jonesy’s exclusive group of bounty hunters to defend Fortnite’s Zero Point, a black hole that leads to the center of reality. Snake Eyes follows a team of other iconic characters from other popular franchises such as Sarah Connor from The Terminator, Kratos from God of War, Grogu and Mandalorian from Star Wars, and more.

Snake Eyes has always been one of G.I. Joe’s most famous characters, so Fortnite fans had a hunch that he might be joining the game when a post from Fortnite’s official Twitter account teased that a G.I. Joe character is arriving in the game soon.


Epic Games also shared an audio clip of Agent Jonesy recruiting the character, saying codenames, and referencing a popular G.I. Joe quote. Additionally, the tweet referred to the mysterious recruit as a Ninja Master, leading fans to guess it was Snake Eyes.

Fortnite confirmed these suspicions with a new tweet last Saturday introducing Snake Eyes into the game. “Name? Classified. Date of birth? Classified. Ninja Master? Verified,” the tweet states. The following photo shows Snake Eyes’ original uniform: a tight black skinsuit covered in weapon and armor holsters, a silver and black helmet, and his katana embellished with his iconic insignia. Snake Eyes’ skin is now available in Fortnite’s in-game shop, including a Katana Pickaxe, a matching back bling, and of course, the outfit.

The festivities for Snake Eyes don’t end there. The partnership between Fortnite and G.I. Joe will also bring a new Snake Eyes action figure from Hasbro, based on his Fortnite skin. The 6-inch action figure features Fortnite weapons including the Mythic Shockwave Launcher, Submachine, Chiller Grenade, Clinger, Grenade, Boogie Bomb, and Harpoon Launcher. The action figure is now available for preorder which costs $40 but the toy is not set to be released until January next year.

The G.I. Joe x Fortnite crossover is well-timed, considering the forthcoming launch of the new G.I. Joe spinoff movie, Snake Eyes, which is expected to release later this year. Until then, fans can take on the role of the character and set out on bounty hunts in Fortnite Season 5.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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