Demo for Little Nightmares 2 Now Available on PS4 and Xbox One

Fans who can’t wait to play Tarsier Studios’ Little Nightmares 2 now have the opportunity to test it out. Following the sequel’s demo on Steam that was released last month, the demo for both PS4 and Xbox One is now available. The demo is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted to the game before its official release on February 11, 2021.

The developer announced last month that preorders for the game on Steam are already available, with even the option to get the game’s deluxe edition. The Nintendo Switch demo, on the other hand, is expected to release shortly after, which means that Little Nightmares 2 will be available on multiple platforms.

The sequel to the horror puzzle-platformer Little Nightmares was initially revealed during Gamescon 2019, which left many gamers excited because it seemed to implement—if not improve upon—the same gameplay mechanics they loved so much. Based on the trailers alone, Little Nightmares 2 looks like yet another haunting and horrifying masterpiece.


Little Nightmares 2’s “Wilderness” demo gives players the opportunity to explore the different areas of the dark and spooky forest, which is where the upcoming game’s antagonist resides. Otherwise known as “The Hunter,” the huntsman patrols the overgrown forest with a shotgun and a lantern-slash-flashlight.

Being the domain of a hunter, the Wilderness is covered in all kinds of traps that are designed to not only trap animals, but humans as well. Thus, players have to brave the darkness and pass through the Wilderness and its bloodthirsty resident hunter if they want to reach The Signal Tower safely.

Although Little Nightmares 2 appears to have the same vibe and aesthetics as the first Little Nightmares game, this sequel has a couple of interesting differences and additions. For one thing, the game introduces a brand-new main protagonist called Mono—a young boy who has a paper bag over his head, covering his face in the process.

This time around, Six—who was the protagonist of the first game—will serve more like a companion to Mono. Together, they have to pass through many horrors before they arrive at their goal, which is to find the source of the “evil transmission” that has distorted the world.

Six still wears her iconic bright-yellow raincoat, which is a distinct and vibrant color in a significantly less than saturated world. Many liken Six’s overall look to that of Coraline Jones from the highly acclaimed 2009 stop-motion animation film, Coraline.

Fans of this franchise definitely have a lot to look forward to. With Little Nightmare 2’s release date looming ever closer, Bandai Namco recently announced that it will be hosting an online giveaway, giving the fans a chance to win a custom Little Nightmares 2 Nintendo Switch.

In other news, the developers of Little Nightmares 2 have recently teamed up with the brand-new Swedish studio called Section 9. The team announced that they’re currently working on a new sci-fi title that’s set in space, and the most notable part about this is that the game will have the same Tim Burton-esque style that Little Nightmares also has.

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