Fall Guys Announces Cuphead Cosmetic Collaboration

Mediatonic released Fall Guys only last year, but it has already collaborated with a plethora of other franchises since then through the release of crossover cosmetics that the Fall Guys bean characters could wear as they waddled their way through the various arenas. Previous properties that were featured in the hit platformer battle royale include popular titles like Alyx, Sonic the Hedgehog, Godzilla, Doomand so much more.

This time around, it appears that developer Mediatonic has struck a deal with Studio MDHR, and will be featuring yet another renowned game. Mediatonic announced recently via Fall Guys’ official Twitter account that Cuphead and Mugman from the popular Cuphead video game will be available in-game as costumes.

Specifically, the Cuphead skin will be available this Wednesday, while the Mugman skin will be joining the roster by Saturday. Both cosmetic items will cost players 10 crowns each, with each top half costing 5 crowns, while each bottom half will cost another 5. Asides from the new skins, players can also look forward to a new Cuphead-themed emote, which will also cost another 5 crowns.


The costumes look incredibly detailed and well-done. They feature the red and blue colors of Cuphead and Mugman, with the top half of each skin featuring the distinct mug heads. The characters’ iconic straws are even present, as well as their white gloves, colored shorts, and shoes. Like every other Fall Guys skin out there, the bean-like characters can still be seen in some capacity—we can see the characters’ eyes through Cuphead and Mugman’s mouths.

Needless to say, these Cuphead skins are going to be a solid addition to Fall Guys’ collection. Asides from popular games, Mediatonic is no stranger to collaborating with indie titles. The company has partnered with Gris, Untitled Goose Game, My Friend Pedro, Hotline Miami, and Enter the Gungeon as well.

For those who haven’t heard of Cuphead before, it’s a 2017 run and gun video game from developer Studio MDHR. It was an incredibly unique and distinct title upon release, especially since it has aesthetics that made it look like a cartoon from the 30s. In fact, the levels, bosses, and animations were painstakingly hand drawn by the studio.


Several years may have passed before it was finally ready for release, but it was worth it. Cuphead became an incredibly popular game upon release, garnering praise and a myriad of positive reviews from both critics and players. Not only was Cuphead’s aesthetic well-loved, fans were also drawn to its challenging combat and bosses, and unique enemy designs. It was truly a one-of-a-kind experience for many who played the game.

That being said, Studio MDHR will be releasing a new DLC for Cuphead later within the year called Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. This new slice of content will be bringing a new adventure for Cuphead and Mugman, but Ms. Chalice will be joining them as a third playable character.

Fans can expect new yet still challenging bosses along with sweat-inducing levels. As for Fall Guys, the battle royale is currently in Season 3.5, but it’s expected to release Season 4 soon.

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