Fall Guys Teases Futuristic Season 4 Theme

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently one of the most popular video games in the industry right now. Released only last year, Mediatonic’s platformer battle royale is already gearing to launch its fourth season next month. Through the official Fall Guys Twitter account, the developer has been teasing a big reveal recently. And now, the cat’s out of the bag.

Fall Guys has officially confirmed what the theme of Season 4 is going to be, and it appears that it’s going to be a futuristic one, as the upcoming season has been dubbed “Fall Guys 4041.” Along with the announcement, the Twitter account also shared a short teaser trailer to mark the occasion.

However, it doesn’t really reveal that much information about what fans can expect. What it does showcase, though, are bright and vibrant neon colors, spaceships, planets, and even robots. These really cement the futuristic vibe that Mediatonic was most likely aiming for.


Fall Guys Season 3 launched back in December 2020, which had a theme that aptly revolved around Christmas and the snowy holiday season. It had a winter theme all throughout, including its stages, skins, and obstacles. The highly popular game even released a Santa Claus skin during that time, which made the adorable Fall Guys beans wear a cloud-like beard and a lot of red.

Following that, Mediatonic released Season 3.5, which is basically a mini-season with important updates like quality of life improvements that made already-existing levels even better than before. Other than that, the update also introduced brand-new crossover skins, like The Doom Slayer from the classic Doom.

Fall Guys and its developers have always been known for their silly sense of humor. As such, this Season 3.5 is called “Stop With The Yeets Name It Anything Else Just Don’t Include the Word Yeet Please I’m Begging You,” which was a suggestion from an aggrieved fan.

With Season 4’s release being just around the corner, Mediatonic is once again hosting a contest for fans. Interested participants simply have to retweet the announcement made by the developer and finish this sentence: #FallGuysSeason4 is…


There will be 20 winners overall, all of whom will receive 20 crown each. This is an impressive sum already. Crowns are the currency used in Fall Guys, and fans can use them to purchase cosmetic items like the recently announced Cuphead skins. Most of the time, Fall Guys players have to really grind in-game to accumulate a lot of Crowns, so the lucky winners will have a blast with their reward.

After only a few minutes, there are already hundreds of entries for the competition. We’re definitely interested to see which entry caught the eyes of Mediatonic. As for Fall Guys Season 4, the developer has yet to reveal what fans can expect from it. Some fans speculate that the new Season will probably bring in space-themed skins, like an E.T. skin maybe or perhaps a skin of Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian.

Recently, Mediatonic shared concept art of Daft Punk skins following the sad announcement that the musical duo has disbanded. Given Daft Punk’s techno aesthetic, this might be a good fit for Season 4’s theme as well.

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